From : Grace “G-Unit” Cheung(May 2013)

August 1st, 2012. The day I stepped foot into Crossfit Overdrive for my very first Crossfit class. It was also the day my life changed.
But let’s back it up here. I wasn’t exactly the all-star athlete growing up. I dabbled in basketball in middle school, and track & field in high school. The only real “sport” I have ever consistently participated in since I was a kid was skiing. But somewhere between high school, university, and finding a career…I got stuck in an unhealthy lifestyle that I didn’t know how to get out of. I was overweight, didn’t go to the gym, ate too much processed food, and was unhappy with my career.
I had heard a little bit about Crossfit back in late 2011 from a co-worker. He was telling me all about the paleo lifestyle and how in combination with Crossfit, he was in the best shape of his life. Although his success story is just like so many others out there, I knew that there was a little something different about the journey he was on. So after spending many countless hours on the internet educating myself on what paleo was all about, I spent an equal amount of time on local Crossfit affiliates’ websites trying to envision myself one day looking like the people I saw on there. I changed my eating habits from ‘terrible’ to ‘paleo’ and the weight started coming off.
Within the first two months, I had lost 15 pounds. I thought, “This is awesome! I don’t even have to exercise!” As soon as the “carb-coma” fog lifted, I began to feel healthier and happier. With this slight physical change, I wanted more. I wanted to be fit! Like those people who do Crossfit! I was always under the impression that only “fit” people with six-packs could do Crossfit. If I wanted to do what they were doing, I would have to start going to the gym to get in shape before I could sign up. I spent a few hours every week running on the treadmill and sweating on the elliptical. I lost a few more pounds here and there but I didn’t feel like I was really accomplishing anything. I found myself looking at the Crossfit Overdrive website over and over again, but I just didn’t have the courage to pick up the phone and call for a consultation. Who am I kidding?! Me? Crossfit? What if they judged how out of shape I was? What if they laughed at how sweaty and red I would be?
And then one day, I knew I had nothing to lose. I picked up the phone…I dialed the number…I could hear and feel my heart pounding in my chest…the phone starting ringing…and then I hung up. In that moment, I succumbed to my own fears. But I knew that in order for anything to change, I had to step outside of my comfort zone. So I fired an email off to Marco and within an hour he called me.
I hesitantly answered the phone and after telling Marco a little about my goals (and my optimism for change), I was booked for a consultation with him later that week. The day I went in, Marco asked me to do a “baseline” WOD that took a grueling eleven and a half minutes. I thought my lungs were going to burst, my heart was going to stop, and my legs were going to cave in – but I finished it. He didn’t laugh at me. He didn’t glare at the sweat dripping down my red face. He kept cheering me on and it gave me hope. After taking a few minutes to recover, Marco told me that a year later, I should be able to do that same WOD in half the time. I laughed at him – because I didn’t believe him – but I was determined to change. That same day, I signed up for basecamp and personal training sessions. From that day onward, I became a Crossfitter.
I quickly learned that Crossfit isn’t just for super crazy in-shape athletes. A Crossfitter can be anyone and everyone, ranging from teenagers to grandparents. A Crossfitter isn’t defined by what you look like or how old you are. Every WOD seems impossible to finish every time I see it on the whiteboard; but without fail, the clock always stops and every WOD always comes to an end. When I don’t think I can do it, the coaches and community of Crossfitters at Overdrive pushes me and makes me believe in myself. They’ve given me a newfound appreciation of what mental toughness combined with physical determination can achieve in every aspect of my life.
It’s been ten months since I first stepped foot into Crossfit Overdrive, and I am stronger both physically and mentally. Such an incredible community of family and friends have graciously allowed me to be a part of their own journeys of empowerment. Every time I walk into Overdrive, I know that an awesome group of people are there to make me a better person (and they don’t even know it!).

They were there when I cried because I couldn’t do doubleunders.
They were there when I finally learned how to do doubleunders.
They were there when I PR’ed on overhead squats.
They were there when I didn’t know the difference between push press and push jerk and all the other crazy Olympic lifting terms.
They were there mopping up the blood spewing from my hands after ripping them on the pull-up cage.
They were there to cheer me on when I re-did the baseline WOD in less than half the time it took me the first time.
The list can go on and on… but more importantly, they are there to push me outside of my comfort zone every day.
Oh, and I am also 40 pounds lighter and have some muscles that you can see with the naked eye.

I hope this isn’t just like every other life-changing, weight-losing, success story you read. I will always challenge people to step outside of their comfort zone because I did, and I’ve never looked back. Don’t be scared of change because you are the only person between being stuck in a rut and living a healthy active life. Crossfit isn’t just a fad. Crossfit will change your life. You will meet a whole new community of people who will make you believe in yourself.
Just make sure you don’t hang up the phone like I did the first time.


From : Tiffany C. (October 2011)

It has been about 6 months since I became an official “CrossFitter”. I started out by joining the bootcamp and enjoyed getting my butt kicked so muuch there that I decided to join the real deal. It has probably been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only have I gained incredible amounts of strength and fitness, I have also gained an incredible second family.

Here are some just some of the things I have learned so far:

  1. Who knew that lifting weights could feel so empowering? It’s pretty cool to be able to lift 100 plus pounds anywhere. Squat it, snatch it, clean it, deadlift it, anyway you want it.…it’s awesome.
  2. When climbing up a 15ft rope, remember to wear long socks to prevent terrible rope burn. It’s awkward having to explain to your co-workers how you got that scar on your ankle (wait, who DOESN’T climb a rope during their work outs?!?).
  3. In the middle of the night, I would like to chop down that pull up cage. I am terrible at pull ups, toes to bar, knees to elbows, BUT I can do them…slow as hell…but they get done. I never imagined that I would ever be able to do a pull up in my life.
  4. Good bye smooth, soft, girly hands. Hello rough, calloused, man hands. Oh well, at least they are strong – even for their small midget size haha
  5. A 5 minute WOD can cripple you just as bad as a 60 minute one. I have had my fair share of both.
  6. I hate balls. Especially ones to the face. Wall balls to be exact.
  7. Almost every week, I am sore in a way that I didn’t think was possible. It’s a great feeling to know that my body is always getting pushed and I keep getting stronger.
  8. My Lululemon obsession has been reborn. How could it not when I see all the fantastic girls at my box sporting it every day?? Damn, we look good.
  9. Strong is the new skinny. I love being surrounded by people who encourage strength and functional movements as opposed to long mindless hours of running or lifting 5lb pink dumbbells. If you’re going to lift a dumbbell at all, at least make sure it isn’t pink.
  10. It’s normal to be surrounded by topless sweaty (ripped) men. Do you get that at a global gym? I don’t think so.
  11. I have muscles! Like visible to the naked eye kind.
  12. The CrossFit community is full of wonderful people. The people at my box are from all different backgrounds and ages, yet we all get along great. I have developed some lifelong friendships in the short amount of time I have joined and am truly grateful for that. They are my second family. My very fit, second family lol.

Thank you CrossFit Overdrive for giving me a new passion in life….I know it’s a bit sappy..but it’s true =)

From : Tina C.(May 2011)

“It’s been about 6 months since I’ve officially joined my current CrossFit Box, and some amazing things have happened:

1. My conditioning was decent going into CF, but it’s definitely improved.

2. I can run faster now (this really isn’t saying a lot tho, since I was a pretty slow runner to start off with). I finished a half marathon in 2:04.44, with zero marathon training, so I have to thank CF for that.

3. I actually kinda like push ups. I dreaded them before, but I don’t mind them anymore. At my CF Box we do military style push ups (arms in). I couldn’t do one strict one when I started and now if a WOD calls for 100 of them, I know I can do it.

4.  I can Kip now. I suck at it, but I can still do them. Very, very, VERY slowly.  One at a time.

5.  Double unders are my b*tch. I remember when I could only do them one at a time. Then 5, 10, 20, 30… In all honestly tho, I think it has more to do with the new speed rope I got.

6.  My wall balls still suck but I don’t dread them as much as I did before.  I moved from a 6lb medicine ball to the 10lb ball. Keep in mind that our wall ball target is 10.4 feet.  We once got to use the 9 foot target and I used a 14lb medicine ball, no problem. But that 14lb medicine ball still isn’t passing the 10.4 target line.  Le sigh.

7.  I weigh exactly the same as when I started CF, but things have…er…moved?  In a good way.

And the MOST AMAZING thing…

8.  In just 6 months I’ve met some wonderful people who I can honestly call my friends. Friends who wake up at 5:30 in the morning to drive your sorry ass to the half-marathon start line (Sir Harold, I love you). Friends who drive your sorry ass PERIOD. Friends who come to cheer you on after deciding (in a moment of complete insanity) to register for a half-marathon. Friends who run the half-marathon WITH you.  Friends who entertain you with silly text messages thru out the day. Friends who massage you in public.  Friends who cheer you on (actually, more like yell at you) when you’re doing a WOD.  Friends who eat and eat and eat with you.  Friends who only post flattering photos of you on Facebook. Coaches (who I consider friends) who give you hugs when you’re having an off day.  Coaches who high-five you for a job well done and scold you (lovingly) when you’re doing something wrong (I get the latter a lot.  LOL).  Coaches who give you the nickname Timbit and refer to you as such that when new people join the box they actually thing you’re named after a donut chain.

Honestly, I’ve met some great friends. I pay not only to workout, but to socialize. When I went to the gym, I NEVER met anyone. Everyone was in their own little world. I don’t think I’ve ever met so many awesome people at one time.  So to all my peeps at my CF box: you guys rock.  A special shout out to Bons, VFung, Gracey, Mats and Janey who keep me entertained thru out an otherwise dull day and who are willing to go shopping and eating with me when I look like sh*t. One day we will wear “civilian clothes” and do what cool people do…whatever that is.

From : Vanessa F. (May 2011)

What is the best thing that’s happened to you in your life?

“My answer was: Crossfit. It’s not so much the athletic achievements but the community. When I first started Crossfit, I never thought that rewards extending beyond the physical would take place. I mean, how many people join a gym and find a family? Well, I did. I admit, there are days where I just don’t feel like working out. There are phases where I feel like a giant ball of suck at Crossfit and lose motivation to try…but I always go…because of the people. I love the friends that I’ve made. To all you, you know who you are, I really do love you all…for everything you are and everything you’ve done for me…just everything. The thing with a community is that it only thrives when there is a collective spirit. Good people make good communities and I have most certainly found more good people in this small little space and short amount of time than I would have ever imagined. I used to believe that it was the length of time of a friendship that matters but that’s not the case. I’ve been doing Crossfit for a year and a half…and it was not until the last half a year did I really bond with my fellow gym-goers. The people I’ve met in this short amount of time have given me no doubt that they will stay in my life for a long, long time. I remember talking to my friend Tina the other day. I said “If I am fat in five years, I will hunt you down and hit you” and she replied “What do you mean hunt me down? We’ll still be friends and probably see each other everyday”. Very nonchalant conversation but knowing me, I like to find meaning in trivial things (most of the time this is a bad thing)…That particular conversation stands out because it made me think: Wow, she means it. I am a hopeless romantic in every sense of the word. I’ve always believed in the ‘friends forever’ and ‘happily ever after’ cliches. But somewhere along the road, it become a fairy tale. Maybe it really isn’t a fairy tale, you just need to find the right people to fulfill it in reality. Five, ten, twenty years from now…we will all still be friends *fingers crossed* because I plan on holding on for dear life. Who in their right mind would let such wonderful friends and people go? Absurd.”

From : Michi N. (March 2011)

“I have been competing in Kyokushin Karate (Full contact style) since 2001. For the first couple of years I fought locally in the BC area, and began competing internationally from 2003. I did fairly well in local area tournaments but couldn’t reach the top of the podium outside of BC. I started to realize that I needed more explosive power and better conditioning to win those high calibre tournaments.

I started  to go to a local gym everyday for about two hours but I couldn’t get the results that I wanted. Then I looked for something different and found Crossfit Overdrive and came to see the class with my training partner Kris.  We liked it right away and decided to join in December 2009.

Crossfit gave us everything we needed for Karate fighting such as power, speed, agility, balance and core strength. The group training is short and very intense. From warm up and strength training to WOD takes only one hour. After I started Crossfit my tournament result improved a lot. In 2010 I made it to 1st place in Montreal, and was my first time to place 1st outside of BC. I also placed 7th in New York which is an open weight tournament and the 2nd biggest tournament in the World attracting over 60 fighters. I beat the one of the top fighters who weighed over 260
lbs. This year I fought in the US weight category tournament in LA. I made it to 2nd place and was selected for the National team to represent North America for the World Championship in November 2011.

I could not have gotten those result without Crossfit. Thank you to the Overdrive Coaches and other Overdrivers for all your support,teaching and motivation to reach my goals. ”

From : Anita S. (February 2011)

I am a 51 year old woman who has never joined a gym or participated in workouts. I always prefered sports but had really let myself go the past 10
years. My son motivated me to join crossfit overdrive and I will never look
back. The results have been amazing. In just 11 weeks I have lost 5 inches
around my hips and am down 2 dress sizes. I feel great, have lots of energy,
and look better than I have in years. If I can do it, anyone can. The
coaches have been great, tailoring the workouts to my abilities. Thank you
coaches Herbie and Marco, and to the members who have been so supportive. This has changed my life!!!!

From : Nelson B. (March 2011)

“I’ve been a member of crossfit overdrive for the last 8 months. When I first joined crossfit I thought I was going to suffer through a lot of muscle and joint injuries because crossfit is hardcore. But after 8 months, my body has
never felt better. I am stronger and fitter, and I think the way the exercises are performed have helped keep my joints healthy –this was the one big thing I was worried about. Plus the coaches are great and the members cheer you on regardless  if you finish first or last –they just want you to do your best at that particular moment. ”

From : Kris E. (March 2011)

“I have been training and competing in Martial Arts for over 12 years and have tried several different approaches to conditioning and strength training.  My Karate teammate Michi and I were looking for something to boost our performance at the International level as we found that our strength didn’t match up to fighters from other parts of the world.  Around this time another teammate from Montreal introduced Michi to Crossfit on a visit to town and we decided to give it a try. Looking around we initially picked Crossfit Overdrive as they were close to our dojo.  What we found went well beyond our initial expectations.

The concept of Crossfit has changed my whole approach to strength and anerobic conditioning. Workouts became fun again as the coaches challenged you daily with varying routines.  New ideas are constantly being incorporated into the workouts and there is plenty of opportunity to measure success, such as the group Paleo and strength challenges at Overdrive or Crossfit and Olympic weight lifting competitions hosted by local affiliates.  One year later I am still excited to see what the coaches have posted for our workout of the day, and yes on occasion even a little concerned, although by the time we are done I always leave feeling accomplished.

As for our competitions, I believe that the strength and skills I have gained from my time at Crossfit Overdrive have directly translated into improved results. My cardiovascular capacity has improved and I have noticed a huge increase in core strength. I believe this is in some part due to the dedicated coaching and instruction by Marco and Herbie as well as the support by all of the members.

What I appreciate the most about Crossfit Overdrive is the feeling of community and a goal oriented approach to workouts where you are encouraged to challenge your personal weaknesses and boundaries, and where coaches and teammates support you in this effort regardless of your finish time.”

From : Tyler B. (March 2011)

“I like Crossfit for several reasons, first of all I like the results, aka, how I
look.  I also enjoy to be in good pyhsical shape, able to do almost anything I want, and feel in great shape too.  It is very challenging and competitive, which I also enjoy.  It is a great fun way to stay in shape and have a good time, much better than the regular gym.  I am in better shape at 28, than I have ever been.  Not bad for a guy who only comes part time 🙂 “