Random Student Quotes!

“Those things are monstrous!” – Manny(June 1, 2013)
“Coach, can I get a drink of water?” – Suki, after completing one round of ‘Gallant’ Hero WOD(June 13,2013)
“That was a F#%ked-up WOD!” – Kavin “Grinch”, sitting on the stair case after finishing the 6 km run and 60 burpee pull-ups(July 4, 2013)
“My shoes are too tight, my feet are numb!” – Jordan, after lap 11 of 15 of his 6 km run during WOD(July 4, 2013)
“This is not a race!” – Vanessa, during a team WOD in which it was for TIME! LOL!(July 6, 2013)

“Uh, I’m not sure Coach…I’m feeling a bit disoriented.” – Timofy, nearing the end of 20 min cap of “Kett-Annie” WOD, after being asked what round he was on. (July 18, 2013)

“It’s better when I put it in myself…” – G-Unit, during her set of med ball TTB after the ball slips out of her legs(July 20, 2013)

“I was going so slow I got cold!” – Puddles, after completing the Games WOD with only 125 pull-ups(July 30, 2013)

“My tits are huge, I know, but bench press isn’t my forte…” – LOL!! Thomas, reacting to one of the Taranis qualifying WODs that is finding your 1RM bench press(September 3, 2013)