Sea Fest 2017 Weightlifting Competition

This year, Overdrive Weightlifting had two athletes compete at the 45th Annual Sea Festival Weightlifting Open Competition. The competition was filled with aspiring weightlifters and strong competition. Every year, Sea Fest brings in the best of the best weightlifters along with the budding recreational lifters. Eunice and Jane from Overdrive both decided to join the competition. They have both been working hard with Coach Jordan to improve their lifts, refine their technique, and get crazy strong! Eunice has had many competitions under her belt but for Jane, this was her first sanctioned BC Weightlifting Competition.
First up was Eunice in the 48kg Weight Class. Eunice managed to go 3/3 in her Snatch and set a competition PR of 49kg! (Note, that is OVER her body weight) The competition was still too close for comfort after Snatch. Eunice kicked it up a notch for the Clean & Jerk and crushed the nearest competition by over 10kg in the Total! She also set a NEW BC RECORD in the Clean & Jerk with 67kg for the 48kg Weight Class. Eunice has been working hard and we are looking forward to what more hard work can do in the coming year.

Jane competed in the 63kg Weight Class. In the Snatch, she was head to head with another girl for the 1st place position. She did so well for her first competition and actually managed to Snatch 1kg off the first place position. For the Clean & Jerk, it was NECK AND NECK with her competition to claim that 1st place. In the end, Jane was short by a couple of kg to claim the 1st place position and ended her first competition with a SILVER MEDAL! This is only the beginning for Jane and we look forward to seeing what she can do with more hard work and training.

Next Competition is Ogopogo (up in Kelowna) on August 20 and 21st. Our entire Weightlifting Competition team will be going up consisting of Sophie, Eunice, and Jane! Wish them luck!

Overdrive Summer Kick-Off Nutrition Challenge 2017

Overdrive Summer Kick-Off Nutrition Challenge 2017

June 26th to July 30th (5 weeks)


How to Register:
During the week of June 19-23, come to the box and fill out a registration form and place it in the coaches door(the forms will be available outside the coaches office on Tuesday). Registration deadline is Monday June 26 at 12 pm.
*The registration week will allow you to get mentally organized, buy and prep your food, and get your friends to do this with you!

Like past challenges, this challenge is going to first and foremost be a “reset” to hopefully allow everyone to get back on track. Nutrition is a critical part of results–no matter how hard you try, you cannot out-train a bad diet. This is not simply a weight loss challenge. It is for anyone looking to see positive changes in their performance, energy levels, body fat percentage, and biomarkers, amongst many other things. Below you will find the details.
This will be a five-week long challenge. The challenge will focus on quality of food. Like Coach Glassman’s first sentence of Fitness in 100 words, we will be eating meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.

-1 Male and 1 Female Winner will receive a $300 cash prize, along with a 1-month membership to Overdrive, and a new Overdrive shirt
-1 Male and 1 Female Runner-up will receive $100 and a 1-month membership to Overdrive, and a new Overdrive shirt
-Weekly sponsored prizes will be issued for perfect points scoring


4 Points: Perfect day of eating.
Example: No cheats.
3 Points: One minor slip.
Example: Milk in the coffee, condiments (salad dressing, mayo, bbq sauce, ketchup, etc), one tortilla chip, one bit or sip of anything that is not allowed.
2 Points: Significant slip, but not an entire meal.
Example: One glass of wine or one beer, finished your kid’s Mac ’N Cheese, piece of bread at dinner.
1 Point: Major slip, a full meal went bad.
Example: You had Pizza or pasta for dinner, more than one alcoholic drink, dessert.
0 Points: More than one meal went bad.
Example: You went off the rails at dinner and then went out for drinks.
Bonus points:
1 Point: You worked out that day, either at Overdrive or an off-site WOD(you were traveling or did yoga, TRX, etc)
*max 5 points per week

Scoring/Judging :
60% Daily Points (all points will be tracked on a shared spreadsheet that you will go into to enter your daily results)
40% Before/After pictures
*Guideline for pictures : You will take both BEFORE/AFTER pictures wearing the SAME outfit. We need a full FRONT and BACK view (no selfies through the mirror please). Men wear shorts and no shirt, Women wear shorts and an athletic bra top, with hair tied up and not covering the back.

Food Quality:
Most people are nutrient deficient in more ways than one. By choosing nutrient dense foods, we can help to eliminate those deficiencies and help bring our bodies back to homeostasis. On this challenge, you will be choosing your foods off of a list. This will ensure we are eating the right types of foods for sustained health and longevity. You will notice the absence of things like bacon, sausage, and other high fat meats. Just like many of the processed carbohydrates we avoid, these foods are often void of nutrients, yet very dense in calories.

Food List (suggested) :

Chicken Breast
Chicken Thighs
Center Cut Pork Loin
Grass fed beef/bison
Top Sirloin
Top Round
Tenderloin (beef/pork)
Turkey Tenderloin
Turkey Breast
Ground meat (lean to extra lean)

Sweet Potato
Butternut Squash
Acorn Squash
All Fruits

Leafy Greens
Green Beans
Brussel Sprouts

Grass Fed Butter
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Avocado oil
Macadamia oil
Homemade dressings (2 tbsp**)
Raw Almonds
Raw Pecans
Raw Walnuts
Raw Macadamia Nuts
Raw Nut Butter **
(No other ingredients and must be made with one of the above nuts)

Pre and Post Workout:
This will be different based on your own personal goals. A protein shake is not required. However, it is important that you are getting adequate fuel throughout the day to speed recovery and restore your glycogen. As long as you are eating a meal within 1-2 hours pre and post workout, you don’t really need a protein shake. If weight loss is your goal, I would recommend trying to stick to whole foods.

Here are some recommendations:
Weight Loss? Skip it unless you haven’t eaten for a while.
Maintain weight/lose body fat? Go by how you feel. If you are feeling lethargic, play around with adding some UCAN to your pre workout drink. If you have a hard time getting in a meal within the two hours after your workout, I would definitely get in a protein shake with some starchy carbohydrates.
As with any nutrition plan, this serves as a starting point. You can’t know exactly how your body will respond in advance.

UCAN? Pre/Post workout only
Amino Acids/Electrolytes? Pre/intra/Post Workout Only
Creatine? Go for it!
Protein Shakes? Post workout (within 45 min)
Condiments? Balsamic vinegar (must be the only ingredient), red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, mustard, hot sauce (check label for additives/sugar), spices, and seasonings are okay (read the ingredients!), garlic cloves, herbs.
Sweeteners? Only source of sweetener can come from whole foods. AKA Fruit. No honey, molasses, maple syrup, table sugar, coconut sugar, stevia, other artificial sweeteners.
What about eating out? I understand that these cases do come up. For 42 days, we are asking you to prepare all of your meals at home. If you eat out, do your best to portion the meal out and eat within the guidelines. Unless you know exactly how that meal was prepared you cannot get full points for it. This is called a challenge for a reason. While it is definitely not sustainable in the long term, we are looking for maximum results in this 6-week time span.
What if I’m still really hungry? Communication is key, so please let me know how you are feeling along the way. Remember though, when we are eating at a calorie deficit to see weight/fat loss, it is normal to feel hungry. Make sure you are staying hydrated. You should never be “starving.” Work on timing out meals strategically to help keep you from going too long without eating. You can also save some of your “meal” for a snack.
Dressings? As long as the ingredients on the label are seen on the food list. There can be no added sugars or other oils.
Coffee/Tea? These are okay, but need to be unsweetened, and no milk. Almond milk is ok but only almond milk – no additives or sweeteners. Up to 1 cup a day maximum.

CrossFit Open 2017

It is that time of the year again! The Crossfit Open begins on February 23rd, 2017 and goes for 5 weeks. Every week, Crossfit HQ will be releasing Open workouts everyday Thursday at 5pm PST. Crossfitters around the world will have the opportunity to do the same workouts and rank themselves against one another. Crossfit Overdrive will be running these workouts for all members in the gym. Please read below on the format of the Open at Crossfit Overdrive.

Workout Dates : Workouts will be done on the Friday and Sunday following the workout announcements.

  • Friday : Regular class hours. (6:30 am, 9 am, 11 am, and 4 pm to 8 pm)
  • Sunday : From 10 am t0 12 pm (1st timers get priority, then everyone else who is redoing)

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these time slots. No workouts will be allowed on Thursday evenings, Saturday mornings, or Monday mornings. If you cannot make these time slots, please speak to your Coach. There must be a legitimate reason for you to miss these time slots and make it up at another time.

Scores must be submitted by each athlete individually the following Monday by 12 pm(this gives us some time to validate all scores)Scores will be verified by Overdrive staff after checking each athletes score cards.

Participation/Registration :

To register for the Open:
1. Go to “
2. Register individually ($20 US), then choose “Crossfit Overdrive” as your affiliate
3. Choose “Overdrive” as your team.

(See or message a Coach if you have any questions about registration)

Each week, you will come into the class and sign up for the appropriate heat that works for you. There will be a SHORT debrief to talk about the WOD and the logistics. After which, we will require everyone to help judge each other as you go through the Open Workouts each week. Feel free to stay and cheer on your fellow Overdrivers as they participate in the Open as well!

There are scaled, masters, and teen divisions in the Crossfit Open this year. This will allow members who may not have all the skills and strength necessary for the RX division, to complete the workouts and post their scores online. It will increase participation and create an even greater atmosphere in the box!

Overdrive Open In-House Competition 2017 :

This year’s In-Box competition will be all-inclusive for EVERY member of Overdrive of ALL levels. Please see the details below:


  • Competitors will be broken into random teams picked from a hat. To create fair teams, competitors will be put into three categories: Sport, Fitness, and Lifestyle before being picked from the hat. Teams will have equal number of members from each category.
  • Each week, teams will complete the Open workouts on their own to contribute their scores towards the team score. Additionally, there will be other ways for the team members to score for their team. (See below)
  • At the end of the Open, the team with the highest score will be declared the winner of the Overdrive In-House Competition!

Divisions :
To create an all-inclusive competition, we will be running THREE divisions depending on your experience and strength in Crossfit. Our Sport and Fitness divisions will be identical to the RX and Scaled divisions of Crossfit HQ workout formats. However, Overdrive will be creating a third division called “Lifestyle”. These workouts will be scaled to create workouts that everyone can do in the box regardless of experience at Crossfit.

Scoring : Each week, you can earn points for your team by doing the following…

  • Showing up each week to do the workout will result in 5 points for your team.
  • For each athlete you judge, you will score 2 points for your team. (Maximum: 4 points per week per athlete)
  • Receive up to a MAX 10 points(5 of the points will be earned simply by ‘Checking-in’ to Crossfit Overdrive on your mobile apps via FB, all-in-one posting friendly!) per athlete for showing enthusiasm and posting pictures of you and your team members on your Facebook Page. Matching outfits for the team results in higher points! Use #teamoverdriveopen2017 to keep all of the posts together and for easier judging! (Bonus prize to the team with the most ‘Check-Ins’ at the end of Open!)
  • The actual score of your workout will result in the most points:
    • Male and Females will be scored in separate columns
    • The first place athlete in each category will receive the most points and each placement will descend by 1 point. (Example: There are 40 males in the Open for Overdrive, the first place male will receive 40 points, 2nd place will receive 39, third will receive 38, etc.)
    • If you scale (either Scaled or Beginner division) the workout, you are automatically placed below the last place athlete of the division above.


  • Open Competitors are automatically registered for our in-house competition if you sign up for the official Crossfit HQ Open.
  • Lifestyle Division Competitors can sign up on the Social Board at the gym. You will then be placed on a team once all official registrations have been completed via Games site with the Sport and Fitness athletes.

Prizes: Prizes are to be determined. The Coaches are looking into potentially having sponsored prizes from local businesses as well as a commemorative souvenir.  So expect a prize package for the athletes of the winning team, aside from bragging rights!


Competitive Athlete Program

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to introduce our Overdrive Competitive Athlete Program for the Winter 2016/17 season. This program is geared towards athletes who have aspirations of competing in the sport of Crossfit, at a advanced Open and Regional level.

When : Starts Monday December 19
Duration : 16 weeks
How : The training will take place on M,Tu,Wed,Fri, and Sat. Thurs and Sundays are rest days. Training can be performed during class time off to the side, and during open gym times accessible for athletes in this program only. Saturday’s will be the team training day, where all athletes will get together and train as a group, and do FUN team building activities.
What to expect : Advanced program with higher volume of conditioning, strength work, and honing gymnastics skills. Training sessions will typically be up to two hours, but can be broken up into more than one session.
What about doing regular classes with my friends? : Absolutely! The intent of this program is to provide EXTRA work for athletes to do, above and beyond regular class. Quite often, the regular class lesson plan will be part of your daily training.
Cost : INCLUDED as part of your membership

Prerequisites to join the program :
-Crossfitting for minimum 4-6 months
-attends regular classes 3-5 times per week
-has a POSITIVE attitude and is a TEAM player
-willingness to WORK HARD
-able to commit approximately 8-10 hours per week
-check your EGO and get on this GAIN TRAIN
-Meet MOST of minimum physical requirements(click on link below)


If you are interested and excited to be part of this year’s group, please send your application via email to Coach M by  NO LATER THAN Saturday December 17 at 5 pm. He will then review your submission and respond to you by Sunday night. Simply state in your email your reasons for wanting to join this group, what you bring to the team, and your biggest weaknesses.

Coach M’s email : [email protected]

Overdrive Weightlifting Winter Cycle 2016

Overdrive Members! It is time for another rendition of the Overdrive Weightlifting Club Cycle. Weightlifting requires an incredible amount of strength, speed, coordination, and power. Overdrive will be running a dedicated Weightlifting Cycle in an effort to help you guys improve your Olympic Lifts. (Snatch and Clean & Jerk) During this cycle, you will be spending much more time working on technique and strength than you would see in a typical daily class. This weightlifting cycle will be coached by our resident weightlifting fanatics: Coach Jordan and Coach Ryan. It will be a duration of 8 weeks (1 week longer than the previous cycle).

Here are some testimonials from the previous weightlifting cycle:

  • “Well planned, challenging with the strength work, lots of practice on technique, great environment for everyone to get better!”
  • “Loved it! Very well programmed and coached.”
  • “Simple and effective programming. Great community. Very helpful and constructive coaching.”
  • “So much fun!! I learned a lot and definitely improved my lifts.”

This cycle, just like the last cycle, leads into an Olympic Weightlifting Competition called KilOpen. Please know that you do not need to compete in KilOpen to register for this cycle. This cycle is for anyone and everyone who wants to improve their lifts.

Program Details:

Dates: Sept. 20th to Nov. 12th (8 weeks, 1 week longer than the previous cycle)
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm, Saturdays at 8:30am (3 Times per Week)
Session Length: 90 Minutes
Maximum Registrants: 12 Athletes

What you will Receive:

  • A dedicated Olympic Weightlifting program focusing on improving your Snatch and Clean & Jerk, as well as your overall strength numbers.
  • 1.5 hours of professional coaching per session:
    • Each session is lead by either Ryan or Jordan and you will receive personalized attention for the duration of the session.
    • LOTS of time for each kind of lift so you will be able to spend MORE time fixing technical errors with the help of your coach
    • The program is CAPPED at 12 members so you will receive lots of attention from your coaches
  • Video Analysis of your lifts
    • Slow motion break-down of your lifts along with some points of emphasis / cues to work on.
  • An Overdrive Weightlifting Club T-Shirt!

Pre-requisites for the Program

  • Strong Overhead Squat mobility foundation
    • Without the overhead squat mobility, you will not be able to reap the full benefit of the program as much of weightlifting relies on being able to get into that position quickly.
  • Basic Squat Snatch foundation
    • ie. On any given day, you can come in with very little review and know what a basic snatch should look like.
  • Basic Squat Clean & Jerk foundation
    • ie. On any given day, you can come in with very little review and know what a basic clean & jerk should look like.
  • Motivation to improve technique and work hard!

COST: (For the whole 8 weeks)
$210 – Early Bird Special (Sept. 7th at 10am until 11:30pm that same evening)
$235 – Overdrive Members
$275 – Non-Overdrive Members

At the early bird price, this equates to $8.75 a session!

Click here for Registration Link

Seafest 2016


Eunice (48kg) – Snatch: 44kg | Clean & Jerk: 58kg / Total: 102kg | Place: 1st (Qualified for Provincials)
Christine (53kg) – Snatch: 46kg | Clean & Jerk: 53kg / Total: 99kg | Place: 5th
Brianne (63kg) – Snatch: 45kg | Clean & Jerk: 55kg / Total: 100kg | Place: 10th
Sophie (75kg) – Snatch: 59kg | Clean & Jerk: 73kg / Total: 132kg | Place: 2nd (Qualified for Provincials)
Sharon (75kg+) – Snatch: 59kg | Clean & Jerk: 91kg / Total: 150kg | Place: 2nd (Qualified for Provincials)

Jeffrey (69kg) – Snatch: 55kg | Clean & Jerk: 73kg / Total: 128kg | Place: 6th
Derrick (77kg) – Snatch: 75kg | Clean & Jerk: 111kg / Total: 186kg | Place: 7th
Lucas (94kg) – Snatch: 94kg | Clean & Jerk: 120kg / Total: 214kg | Place: 7th (Qualified for Provincials)
Daniel (105kg) – Snatch: 63kg | Clean & Jerk: 85kg / Total: 148kg | Place: 4th

The 44th Annual Seafest Weightlifting Competition was the biggest showing by Overdrive in any weightlifting competition. It was programmed to be the last weekend of our first Weightlifting Cycle for our weightlifters. For many competitors, this was the first competition they were a part of. Everyone came in and performed exceptionally well. It was a fun filled weekend full of dramatic moments and lots of weight being moved around!

Coach Jordan and Ryan are very proud of all of our athletes. Despite being nervous, and sometimes a little shaken up by a missed lift, they all came out and tried their hardest, hit big numbers, and proved that they are better weightlifters. It was a pleasure to Coach all the athletes this weekend and help them all achieve their goals!

Each of the Overdrive weightlifters showed incredible improvements over the past 7 weeks of the weightlifting cycle and were able to showcase their talents on the main stage. Many ELITE weightlifters would give a nod of approval of all our weightlifters. Overdrive is lucky to have such a dedication to perfect technique that is comparable to the most elite of weightlifters. Overdrive Weightlifting is just getting started, we are going to grow, get better and stronger, and show everyone what we can do!

Until the next one!… (KilOpen in November)

Overdrive Weightlifting Club – Spring Cycle 2016

Overdrive members! We are offering a new service for those of you who want to see incredible improvements in your Olympic Weightlifting. As we all know, Olympic Weightlifting requires an incredible amount of strength, coordination, speed, and power. Overdrive will be offering a dedicated 7-week Olympic Weightlifting program starting May 10th. During this time, you will be able to spend some quality time working on your lifts and seeing some incredible gains. The program will be coached and programmed by our resident Olympic Weightlifting fanatics: Coach Jordan and Coach Ryan. Get ready to get technical and get strong!

Program Details

Dates : May 10th, 2016 to June 25th, 2016
When : Tuesday and Thursday 7 pm, Saturday 8:30 am (3 times per week)
Session Length : 90 minutes each
Maximum registrants : 12 athletes

What will you receive

  • A dedicated Olympic Weightlifting program focusing on improving your Snatch and Clean & Jerk, as well as your overall strength numbers.
    • It will include a 2-day/week accessory work program (10-15min a day) that you will be doing outside of class time to further improve your lifts!
  • 1.5 hours of professional coaching per session:
    • Each session is lead by either Ryan or Jordan and you will receive personalized attention for the duration of the session.
    • LOTS of time for each kind of lift so you will be able to spend MORE time fixing technical errors with the help of your coach
    • The program is CAPPED at 12 members so you will receive lots of attention from your coaches
  • Video Analysis of your lifts
    • Slow motion break-down of your lifts along with some points of emphasis / cues to work on.
  • An Online Training Journal for you to log your numbers and for Coach’s to assess how you are progressing through the program
  • An Overdrive Weightlifting Club T-Shirt!

Pre-requisites for the Program

  • Strong Overhead Squat mobility foundation
  • Basic Squat Snatch foundation
    • ie. On any given day, you can come in with very little review and know what a basic snatch should look like.
  • Basic Squat Clean & Jerk foundation
      • ie. On any given day, you can come in with very little review and know what a basic clean & jerk should look like.
  • Motivation to improve technique and work hard!

Suggested Equipment: (Not required)

  • Olympic Weightlifting Shoes
  • Wrist Wraps
  • Weightlifting Straps
  • Weightlifting Belt

COST: (For the whole 7 weeks)
$185 – Early Bird Special (April 25th 12pm to April 27th 12pm)
$205 – Overdrive Members
$230 – Non-Overdrive Members

This equates to an average price of $9 / session! (Incredible value!)


Maximum: 12 Athletes Registered

Registration Link:

Overdrive Open Spirit Competition 2016


Each week you will have an opportunity to earn SPIRIT POINTS for your team. The points will be tallied up and a ranking will be posted to indicate which team has the most team spirit! Here’s how you can get your team points each week:

Initial Week:

You can receive 10 points for coming up with a creative team name, let Coach Jordan know your team name once you’ve decided! Receive an additional 10 points if you get organized via FB Chat or some other method of communication. (Add Coach Jordan to the convo so I can verify you guys are organized!)

Every Week:

  1. Earn up to 40 points on showing team spirit through outfits, pictures, choreographed dance routines, secret team handshakes, cheering on follow Overdrive athletes, encouraging others to keep going when they want to rest. Each week, the Coach’s will discuss which team they felt showed the greatest team spirit. We will also analyze team spirit by following the hashtag: #cfoopen2016 (Be sure to use this hashtag on Instagram or Facebook!) To receive maximum points you must ensure that all of your team mates are participating in the team spirit!
  2. Earn up to 10 points by judging heats. For each athlete judged by a member of your team, you will receive 1 point to a maximum of 10 points per week.

Final Week:

Stay tuned…. 🙂


Overdrive at IceBreaker 2016

Team Overdrive had a very successful weekend at the Crossfit North Vancouver Icebreaker 2016! The athletes competing were Emily, Grace C, Sophie, Coach Lucas, and Richard.

Event 1 and 2 were the max snatch and max clean and jerk. All of our athletes established new personal records in both of their lifts!
Emily 150 lb Snatch/170 lb CJ
Grace 145/185
Sophie 120/150
Rich 195/240
Lucas 220/270

The weekend featured some very tough competition as nearly half the field of both men’s and women’s divisions had regional level athletes. Each one of our athletes battled hard and gave it their all to showcase all of their hard work over the past several months.

Sophie entered her very 1st competition and she was extremely excited and nervous at the same time. Her weekend highlight was the med ball workout in which she had the 2nd fastest time in the entire competition! Sophie finished in 15th place overall, not too shabby for a rookie!

Grace demonstrated her well-balanced skill set and determination to compete with the best by doing well in all the events. Her highlight was establishing new PRs in both of her lifts, a feat that she was not able to accomplish a few months ago at the KiloOpen. Grace finished in a very respectable 10th place!

Richard continued to show that he is a very strong pound for pound athlete, giving up nearly 50 lbs to the average male competitor in the competition, but holding his own and placing mid-pack for most of the events. His highlights include smashing his PRs for both lifts and displaying a well-rounded attack of his gymnastics skills and pound for pound strength on those 275 lb deadlifts! Richard finished in 21st place overall.

Lucas entered this weekend as the wild card as he originally did not plan on competing but took Jordan’s spot as his replacement. Lucas is always game and excited when it comes to Crossfit competitions. He showed his consistent game and high level of movement standards all throughout the weekend. His highlights included also smashing his PRs for both lifts, tearing up his hands badly in the pull-up WOD, but recovering the next day to finish strong with a big showing in the med ball event. Lucas finished in 23rd place overall.

Emily entered this competition with higher expectations as last year she made the finals in her rookie year and was aiming to improve on that. Her training over the year was more strength focused as that was her weakness last year. Although she PRd both her lifts, her clean and jerk score put her in a bit of an uphill climb. But we all knew that she would be able to excel in the other events to follow. She slowly climbed back into contention by winning the next event, then placing no worse than 6th the rest of the way. Once all the events were completed, she had placed 3rd overall which meant qualifying for the finals once again. In the final WOD in which they take the top 6 finishers, the format was “chase the rabbit”. So the 1st place athlete had a 7 second head start on Emily based on points. It was an awesome final to watch as the organizers had the athletes go head-to-head. The first heat had the 5th seed vs 6th seed, where the initial top time was established. The WOD was 15 cal on the Airdyne bike, 12 HSPU, and 9 G-to-OH(105 lbs). It would be a sprint WOD and the girl who finished with the fastest time would be crowned champion. The time to beat was 2:04. Emily had never ridden an Airdyne before but learned fast as she always does. She got off the bike, then knocked out 12 HSPU with ease before singling out the 105’s with clean and jerks. Her time was 2:03! Now we just had to wait for the final two girls to go, the top two seeds going in. The two girls were Deanna from Hybrid and Caleigh from Vic City Crossfit. Deanna would crush the bike but struggled on the HSPU knocking her out of contention. Caleigh was on pace for a similar time to Emily’s but was slowed by her last few reps of the 105…alas, Emily would be crowned champion!!

Congratulations to Emily, the Icebreaker 2016 champion! We are very proud of her as all her time in the gym training, and outside of the gym living a healthy lifestyle has really paid off! This is another huge stepping stone in her quest to qualify for Regionals this year.

Congratulations to ALL of our Overdrive athletes as our success is not just one individual, but a collective group and community of amazing people! We want to thank everyone who drove out to North Vancouver and cheered on our athletes. It really meant a lot to see the friendly faces of support.

IceBreaker 2016 Champion, Emily “Barrysdottir” Schultz![/caption]

BC Lung Association’s Climb the Wall

Overdrive will be putting together a team for the BC Lung Association’s Climb the Wall: Fight & Flight Challenge

This is a fun fundraising event for the fight against lung disease.

The Fight & Flight Challenge will put you through a series of obstacles that will test your strength, stamina and lungs. The challenge ends with the ultimate test, 48 storeys of intense stairclimbing. Is the fight in you?

Date: February 21, 2016
Location: The Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel
Start: 9am
Registration Fees:

Fight & Flight Challenge: $40 fee + $125 fundraising minimum (fee increases to $50 after January 15th!)

Sign-up is on the social board in the gym. Make sure to sign up and start fundraising for this great cause! An email will be sent out later this week with details on how to register for our team and how to get others to donate to you online.