The CF Open RECAP: 2014 Edition

Five weeks.  62 members.  Overdrive style.

60th out of 104 entered teams in Canada West

Whether it was your first open or fourth, every single one of our participants put in a whole lot of heart, sweat and sore muscles by taking part in this WORLDWIDE challenge.  I had the privilege of witnessing a lot of PRs and “firsts”.

“I strung together my first few double unders!”

“I just PR’d my overhead squat!”

“I PR’d my deadlift…. like twenty times.”

Of course, there’s always that sick sense of happiness seeing a fellow member dead on the ground, red-faced, sweating and guppy breathing after the magic word gets called out… “TIME!!!!”

We’ve been there… that dark dark place.  As a collective box community, we can proudly say, “I know what it’s like… it hurts”.

As it is every year, the energy and atmosphere at the box is ramped up.  For the last five weeks, we saw a constant tide of people camped out at the box after work, after school or just to hang out.  This is a fun time to be a part of Crossfit Overdrive.  You were either: doing the prescribed workout, judging, taking pictures, spectating, cheering or doing all of the above.   We took time out of our own schedules to be a part of this amazing community – not for necessarily for our own performances but also to celebrate the accomplishments of our box family.

After all, who are we kidding?  None of us are really going to be the next Rich Froning or Sam Briggs this year.  HOWEVER, we can all attest to the fact that we took part and did the same workout as they did.  It is also kind of humbling to see how we did overall on a worldwide scale or in the region.  This isn’t so much of a competition as it is just another test of fitness – it’s just another wod with a bigger whiteboard.

Ask any of us who signed up – did you regret it?

See you next year 2015!


–Jane (aka Insane Jane)