Wednesday – 032614

Congratulations to Eunice for achieving her very 1st Muscle up!! Eunice has spent many months practicing her techniques and getting stronger in able to do this. A lot of strict pull-ups, then mastering her C2B pull-ups, and finally getting strong at ring dips! Not to mention all those other exercises like squats and presses too. Way to go and also being an inspiration to others! 

**Word on the street is that Coach Gracey is making a comeback and will be coaching the 4 pm class!! Yay!!

Skills Practice/OWOD : 5 sets of
3-Position Power Snatch
(One from floor, one from mid-thigh, one from high-hang)
*There are 3 reps each set for a total of 15 reps of work. Use a moderate weight, but make sure it is manageable and technically sound!

CWOD : 5 rounds for time of
6 Power Snatch(145/95)
12 Box Jumps(24/20″)