Wednesday – 030514

(A big day at the box on Tuesday as everyone showed “Christine” a great time! )

Skills Practice : Rope Climbs(perform in warm-up)
Both Russian and Spanish wraps(wear your long socks)

Oly Tech : 2nd pulls for both Snatch and C&J

CWOD : 8 rounds of
*Each minute on the minute, complete reps for one movement, then move on to next movement the next minute

3 Power Snatch(70% 1RM)
8 Kipping CTB Pull-Ups
3 Power Clean and Jerk(70% 1RM)
8 Burpees(2-hand touch 6″ target above reach on wall)

This WOD will take 32 minutes exactly so coaches to start WOD no later than half past the hour.

Basecamp to sub Double KB Snatch and Dbl KB Clean and jerk