Thursday – 022714

(Apprentice Coach Lee leading students in Snatch tech)

As of last night, we had 51 officially registered into the Crossfit Open 2014! Way to go Overdrivers, we made our goal and are not finished yet! This year we are going to yet again make it another memorable and epic year of the Open! With our new in-box team competition running alongside, it should make for an amazing 5 weeks at the box!

To recap the Open process (for those who missed out on daily announcements or are behind in their blog readings):
1. The Open WODs are announced live every Thursday at 5 pm, at which time we will stream in our lounge for anyone wanting to join us and watch it
2. Overdrive will be running the WODs every Friday during regular class times as well as Sundays(this day is meant for anyone not able to do it on Friday, as well as anyone who wants to repeat and better their score from Friday)
-Once you arrive at the box for your WOD, you must sign up on a heat time at the whiteboard, so first come, first WOD.
3. Every Thursday during the 5-week Open will be an open gym rest day at which time everyone can come in and go through the rest day options(make up missed WOD, practice skills, mobility, or rest and recover)
4. Everyone who is registered officially into the Open via the Games site( will be automatically put on a team for our in-box team competition. The teams will be announced on Monday once everyone’s registration is finalized. (Yes, you must register by Sunday evening!)
5. Once you have finished your WOD, you must enter your score into the games site and then Coach M will validate the score to make it official.
6. Anyone can help Team Overdrive qualify for the Regionals this year…most importantly, let’s work hard and have lots of fun cheering everyone on!!

Rest Day Options for Thursday
1. Make up missed WOD from Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday
2. Do the Optional WOD posted on whiteboard
3. Work on weakness, skills
4. Mobilize and recover
5. Rest and wait anxiously for the 5 pm WOD announcement!!