Monday – 022414

(Introducing our Overdrive bobsled team 2014!!)

This week will be the start of our 2014 Crossfit Games Open journey! In preparation for the WOD on Friday, we will have a de-load week which means that the volume will be less and that way your bodies will have optimal prep and recovery time. For nutrition this week, consume more carbs as you will need the fuel.

Some things to remember regarding this 5 week Open(Feb.27-Mar.31) :
-WODs will be run on Fridays and Sundays(Sundays will be for 1st timers and anyone wishing to redo their effort from Friday)
*see WOD schedules below
-Thursdays will be open gym rest days where you can come in and make up a missed WOD from earlier in week, practice skills, mobilize, and prepare the body for Friday
-Each Thursday evening at 5 pm, anyone is welcome to join us in the lounge to watch the WOD announcements streamed live. We will then have a fun open discussion and talk about how to do well in the WOD!
-Remember to register into the Open so you can participate in our Overdrive team competition and not be left out! Simply go to and select “Crossfit Overdrive” as your affiliate, then “Overdrive” as your team.
-We will need lots of judging help so if you are not wodding yet or waiting around, please grab an athlete to judge. Thanks!!

Open WOD Schedule class times
Fridays – regular schedule
Sundays – 10 am
*Once you arrive at the box for your class time, you will WOD based on a first come, first WOD basis. So, sign up for your heat as soon as you arrive to go first if you desire to.

Skills Practice/SWOD : Push Press
Find 1 RM in 15 minutes. Increase loads by minimum of 10 lbs each time during warm-up.
(BC : Dbl KB Push Press 5 x 5)

CWOD : 7 min AMRAP of
*Movement standards : chest to deck, jump and clap and top, body vertical and eyes looking straight to finish