BC SPCA Cupcake Day!



Ania is baking cupcakes all this week in memory of her friend but also to support the BC SPCA. The cupcakes will be at the box (chocolate gluten free or vanilla with skor bits) as of 5pm tomorrow by donation. Although, rumour has it she may do special order cupcakes… She will have a jar at the box for the impulse snacker or you can go online to the link above (the picture should take you to Ania’s page) and donate (and get your tax receipt if you want one). Do it for the animals in need. I know we have a lot of animal lovers in the box. Or do it for the cupcake. I know there’s also many a cupcake lover in the box too.

Funds raised from National Cupcake Day™ go back to help the shelters, clinics, Inspectors and animals in your community.

SPCAs & Humane Societies receive very little government funding, so fundraising initiatives like National Cupcake Day are vital to increasing donations and awareness of the fight to prevent animal cruelty.


$10 provides an enrichment toy for a cat which assists in their behavioural development

$30 provides bales of hay to feed the farm animals in our care

$40 microchips a cat or dog to ensure that they always find their way home

$50 subsidises the emergency boarding costs of the animals of victims of domestic violence*

$60 provides warm bedding, heat pads and lamps to keep a puppy warm

$100 subsidises medical treatment for an injured dog or cat

$200 keeps an Inspector on the road fighting cruelty.