Family Day Monday

Happy Family Day everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend and either staying warm inside or having lots of fun in the snow somewhere!

We will be back to full scheduled classes Tuesday so get ready for a doozy of a shorter week!

In the meantime, remember that the Crossfit Open is just a few short weeks away and our Overdrive box goal is to get 50 athletes registered! To make things more fun and interesting, we will have an in-box Open team competition that EVERYONE can participate in. So, if you haven’t registered for the year’s biggest Crossfit event yet, what are you waiting for??! Still not sure? Have a look at the following list of excuses 😉

Top 10 Excuses for Not Joining the Open

10. “I don’t know what the workouts are.”

Yeah, that’s the point. Nobody does until they’re announced.

9. “I’m not good enough.”

Enough, Froning. We go through this every year.

8. “My goals don’t match the Open.”

Getting fit isn’t your goal?

7. “I don’t have $20.”

Sure. Let me hold your latte while you text on your iPhone about your lunch date.

6. “I’m too busy.”

Understandable. You need to save all your time for watching that Sons of Anarchy marathon. Priorities.

5. “I’m scared.”

We all are. There’s a support group for fear. We meet at the box … and do the Open workouts.

4. “Everyone who does the Open dies.”

Um, not true.

3. “My cat is lonely.”


2. “I’m not competitive.”

Tell me again why you joined a fitness program with timed workouts and Leaderboards?

1. “I like to work out naked.”

Video the workouts. We’ll review them. Carefully. Trust me on this one.

Okay, so, have you finally decided to join in on the fun and excitement?! Go to to register! Make sure to select “Crossfit Overdrive” as your affiliate, and then Team “Overdrive” as your team. Go Overdrive!!