Monday – 012714

(Apprentice Coach Lee leading the 7 pm class in hang power clean technique)

7 am class is on! (Remember, if you wish to attend the 7 am classes, you can either register to our FB page or text our gym line 604-278-4848 the night before by 8:30 pm)

New Years Challenge : Final Week
Time certainly flys when we have lots of fun, eh? We are now in the final week of the New Years Challenge. 16 participants are challenging for the prize pool of $350! We will be conducting final measurements and after pictures on Sunday Feb.2 and Monday Feb. 3 along with the WOD. Again, we will be taking your hips, waist, BF%, WOD score, and pictures into consideration when determining the winner. Good luck the rest of the way!

SWOD : Back Squats
3-3-3-3-3, use 80% 3RM from last week to perform in all 5 sets

CWOD : With a 15 minute count-down running clock, do
1 min Air Squats
2 min Double Unders
3 min Push-Ups
4 min Good Mornings(45/35)
5 min Pull-Ups
*Your score is total reps in 15 minutes for all 5 movements(Score each movement separately as a sub-total)