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2014 Crossfit Games Open(Feb.27 to Mar.31)
The time has arrived! Each year, Overdrive registers the box into the Open so that all the athletes can compete in and submit their scores to see how they stack up against the rest of the Crossfit world! Also, each athlete can help or contribute to the overall box score by achieving a good result in any given WOD through the Open. This is an exciting time each year as our Overdrive box gives everyone the opportunity to do the Open WODs as we will program them as a regular WOD on that particular week. We will compete as a box and get as many athletes to register as possible to make this a very fun year!

Here is how to register:
1. Go to
2. The home page has a “Register for the Open Now!” link
3. Go through the 4 step process, pay your $20 registration
4. Select Crossfit Overdrive as your affiliate, and then select “Overdrive” as your Team that you want to be on.
5. Let the Games begin!!

Judging 2014
For all of you who took the 2013 Judges Course, you need to take the 2014 Judges Course to be qualified to judge this year. You do not, however, have to pay the $10 fee. It will be waived. For those who are interested in becoming an official Crossfit Judge, we can use some more judges for the Overdrive box! It is a fun test and can be done online. Challenge yourself and see how good you know your movements!

Skills Practice/SWOD : Shoulder Press
5-5-5-5-5, all sets to be done at 75-80% 1RM
(BC : Dbl KB Press 5 x 5)
CWOD : 12 min AMRAP of
3 Russian Swings(24/16)
3 Wall Balls(20/14)
6 Russian Swings
6 Wall Balls
9 Russian Swings
9 Wall Balls…
…Continue on in increments of 3 reps per round until the time is up.