Sunday Rest Day – 011314

I want to thank our Overdrive Construction Crew of Nghia “Fabulous” Tu and Vinh “Mr. Jan” Le for their amazing work in helping us re-construct our brand new pull-up cage! The box now features 40 feet of pull-up space along with fitting up to 25 people at one time. There are 6 muscle-up stations and 8-10 bar muscle-up stations. We also have 4 climbing ropes and an extra few hundred square feet of open floor space! Along with the new pull-up rig, you may have already noticed the 2 brand new rowers and 2 brand new prowler/sleds. I am so proud of the all the amazing people who helped out and really came through to show what a great community we have! Please give a huge shout out to the following volunteers who became part of Overdrive history: Bons, Benz, Craig, D-Roc, Shins, Coach Vik, and Insaney!

*ALSO, a special THANK YOU as well to Vik’s Dad, who has given our box some ‘new light’ 🙂

Due to the cancellation of the Movement Fix Seminar, the box will be open from 10 am to 12 noon for open gym. Come and catch up on some missed WODs or just come and check out the new playground!!