Friday – 010314

(A little valuable information for everyone to start eating their veggies!)

Happy Friday everyone! Please remember to do the following:
1. Fill out the online questionnaire that was emailed to all of you on January 1st. So far, we have received some amazing feedback and are very appreciative towards all your concerns, whether positive or negative. Our goal is to make the Overdrive box the best that it can be in serving you for 2014 and many years to come!
2. Get registered for the New Years Challenge! Registration is open until Sunday Jan.5. Go to our homepage for the details as well as our FB page “Overdrive New Years Challenge 2014”

Class Schedule announcement : Starting the week of January 13th, there will be a NEW 9 AM class on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Today we will have a “Fun Friday” and do a series of skills tests that we will re-evaluate next year to see how you’ve all improved! Have a great day and enjoy! M

2 min Double Unders practice(try sets of UB 10-50)
2 min/side Banded Shoulder Mobilization with Kettlebell
2 min/side of Ankle Mobility Stretch- Banded
2 L Side shuffles
2 L Walking lunge with twist
10 KTE Push-Ups
10 Good Mornings with bar
10 Box Jumps

Skills Tests(Part 1) : Pair up if you are in a larger class size so that you can have one person be the rep counter, then perform these in order.

1. Max consecutive push-ups(you MUST stay in a plank position when resting between reps, no hump back whale with hips up in the air to rest!)
2. Max consecutive Strict Pull-Ups(full extension must be demonstrated with chin clearly over bar, parallel grip only)
3. Max distance standing broad jump(distance is where base of both heels land)
4. Tabata Squats(true tabata count, use a med ball for depth indicator but NO bouncing!)
5. Max effort 1000 m row
*Rest 10 minutes between 4 and 5

Part 2 will be on Monday.