Sunday – 120113

(Good luck to Jack as he fights in the 2013 Vancouver Karate Championships today starting at 12:30 pm, BCIT Burnaby. Go get ’em Jack!)

*Reminder to all students that starting Monday, Overdrive will be switching to in-house programming for the month of December. What this means is that we will program WODs Monday through Saturday, with every Sunday being rest day/open gym. We recommend that you do no more than 5 WODs per week, so if you want to come in on Saturday for team WOD, then choose a day during the week to take some rest.

Sunday Funday Rest Day Options :
1. Make up a missed WOD from Thursday, Friday, or Saturday
2. Practice your weaknesses/skills(Muscle-ups anyone??)
3. Work on mobility and ROM
4. Rest, recover, and start your Christmas shopping!