Sunday – 111713

AOD(Article of the Day) : “The Crossfit Total”

Today’s WOD will be the Crossfit Total. Have a read of the above article describing what it is and how it should be done. The WOD will take most of the hour if done properly. It is a great test of strength on all the major lifts. Come ready to set some new PRs!

WOD : “Crossfit Total”
Find your 1 RM for the following:
1. Back Squat
2. Shoulder Press
3. Deadlift
*These must be performed in order. You have maximum 3 attempts at your 1 RM. Your score will be the total of all 3 lifts combined. Refer to the chart at the back of the box to see where you rank in terms of bodyweight to strength ratio.

Basecamp WOD : 5 rounds for time of
40 DU
10 Burpee Box Jumps(24/20″)
10 Pull-Ups
10 OH Walking Lunges(45/25 lbs)