Survival of the Fittest @ Orpheum Annex!


Coach Gracey and I would like to thank everyone for all their love and support as we competed for the first time together on a team for Overdrive at the Survival of the Fittest competition! It was an awesome event put on by Studeo 55 that took place downtown Vancouver at the Orpheum Theatre Annex in front of a few hundred spectators. The field of teams consisted of big name athletes, some who have gone to the Games, and some household names that Canada West has seen for years near the top of the regional ranks. It was definitely exciting to be working out next to such fit athletes and to be on the same floor as them. Not to mention, these athletes are very nice people and represent what an embracing Crossfit community we have here in BC. Grace and I finished just outside the top 8 of 16 required to qualify into the next round but were very happy with our performance. Being in the last heat(out of 4 heats) to go, we were getting very nervous watching the earlier heats from back stage. The WOD was :
With a 10 min cap, complete
15 Male Back Squats(245 lbs)
15 Female Back Squats(155 lbs)
Then, with remaining time, AMRAP of
20 TTB
30 Wall Balls(20/12 lb ball to 12′ target)
50 DUs

Grace and I watched nervously as most teams completed their back squats unbroken. We weren’t sure if we could do it as well because it had been a long time since we trained squats regularly. Guess the adrenaline kicked in as we both knocked off our squats UB! Then, it was time for team work and communication. Without saying much to one another, we came out relatively unscathed and faired okay against some stiff competition. Grace would do most of the DU as I would do most of the TTB. The wall balls were split pretty evenly. At the end, the teams were not separated by much and it came down to which team had smoother transitions. We learned that we make a pretty good team and yes, we are still married despite some of you thinking our competitiveness would get the best of us haha! Grace and I had a blast and are definitely looking forward to prepping up for more fun events in the near future!