Friday – 111513

(Good teamwork demonstrated by the Bad-Asses at Taranis! Come to our Saturday team WODs to experience the fun!!)

*Good luck to Gracey and Marco as they battle the best in the west at the Survival of the Fittest tonight at the Orpheum Annex downtown Vancouver. Unfortunately, all the tickets sold out fast and we were unable to get any. We thank everyone who wanted to come out and support us, we really feel your love and support! We will try and do our best to represent Overdrive!

The box will be open from 9 am to 12 pm, then 4-8 pm in an open gym format. This means that there will be a coach on duty to help any students with their weaknesses but no set class times will be run.

Rest Day Options :
1. Make up a missed WOD from Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday
2. Work on your weaknesses
3. Work on your mobility and improve ROM
4. Rest and recover