Weekend of Nov. 1-3

(Viktor snatching last year at the Taranis Winter Challenge 2012)

(Sharon, aka “Puddles” getting down on her OHS at the TWC ’12)

(Jane and Jacky going through the burpee box jump partner WOD…we miss you Jacky!!)

Hi Everyone,

The box will be closed Friday November 1 to Sunday November 3 as all coaches are away in Victoria representing Overdrive at the 2013 Taranis Titan Challenge! This year we have qualified two teams into this annual competition featuring some of the best in the Pacific Northwest region.

*We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and will try to do you all proud! We will try to update the progress of the teams via Facebook as much as possible.

Our athletes competing are :
Team Bad Asses
Tyler “Bake-Dogg” Baker
Nghia “Fabulous” Tu
Grace “G-Unit” Cheung
Haley “Komet” Song

Team Smart Asses
Kevin “Phantom” Lardizabal
Viktor “Bon-Crusher” Selezniov
Jane “Insane” Ngai
Tiffany “Cheeky” Cheong

Wish them all the best of luck as they will potentially face up to 10 WODs throughout the competition!

Have a great weekend and see everyone on Monday!

Coach M