Wednesday – 101613

(This is courtesy of Chia’s Fine Dining!! Great job on the food pics James!)

Nutrition Challenge : Day 16
So, what’s going on everyone?? It’s been fairly quiet around the box regarding this challenge other than the AB challenge. Remember, this week’s challenge is to post 3 recipes and pictures of meals that you made to the FB page!

Mobility : Ankles and wrists

Skills Practice : Double Unders
For 5 minutes the class will practice double unders as a group. Once you have them, work on being “lazy” don’t force them! Double unders are all about how little energy can you expend and still get them done. Just relax!! So max DUs in 5 minutes 😉

SWOD : Front Box Squats
3-3-3-3-3, use ~80% 3RM, keep same load for all 5 sets
*Set up the box so you can reach a minimum of parallel depth. Focus on keeping body posture vertical as you ascend. We will apply the ‘globo’ front rack method for this exercise.

BC SWOD : Double KB Front Squats
3-3-3-3-3, increase loads each set

CWOD : 1 mile run for time(4 x 400 m)
Extra mobility and a good warm up will go a long way toward getting a fast time. Remove the resistance (by being mobile), and you’ll move more efficiently, using less oxygen and energy. Everyone should have an idea of what time they are shooting for, and then run that pace. Try to run each 400 (or 800) the same pace as opposed to sprinting out the door and hoping for the best. Safe that sprint for the last 100m!