Saturday Team WOD – 101213

(War Machine pushing some serious weight! Congrats also to him for obtaining his Level 1 Crossfit Trainers certification!)

*Box will be closed for Thanksgiving Monday. Classes resume Tuesday.

CF Whiteboard
We want to encourage everyone to use this tracking tool to help with staying on top of your WODs, progress in strength and fitness! It is a service that the box pays for which is included with your membership. It is very simple to use as it only requires your name and email address to log-in your scores. The CF Whiteboard can also help you to see how you measure up with your fellow peers and to indicate areas of strengths and weaknesses. Of course, the best way to approach a WOD is to do your best and compete with yourself, however, as human nature dictates, we love competition and comparing our successes to others. So let’s all work together to build a fitter, faster and stronger community.

Saturday Team WOD : As per our tradition, we will keep the WOD a surprise! 🙂
(Hint : Who’s Kalsu??)