Tuesday – 100113

(Coach Vik and Bieber having fun with the prowlers in the rain!)

Taranis Titan Challenge 2013(formerly known as the Taranis Winter Challenge)
As mentioned in class debriefs throughout last week, we have proudly qualified TWO teams to compete this year over in Victoria! We are always thrilled to have this fun opportunity each year to go on this road trip with our athletes and fellow Overdrivers to spend an amazing and memorable weekend with. On this trip, you will get to see some of the best Crossfitters in the Pacific North West, and soak in what a truly kick-ass community Crossfitters have become.
*Our social director Bons has been busy booking our hotel rooms and arranging carpool groups. If you have not already put your name on the whiteboard OR contacted her, we are assuming that you are not interested in coming or that you have booked your own accommodations and traveling arrangements.

October Nutrition Challenge
Today will be weigh-in and official registration day! If you still want in on the challenge, go and see Coach Vik as he will get you organized. Good luck to all contestants and can’t wait to see all of your results!

Mobility : Shoulders/Pressing
SWOD : Double KB Floor Press
5 sets of 5, increase loads each set, score heaviest set
CWOD : 4 rounds for time of
400 m run
20 Burpee Box Jumps(24/20″)