Sunday – 092913

Box will be closed today as coaches are up in Squamish supporting our Overdrive athletes competing at the Fall Challenge! Good luck to Nia(Fabulous), Haley(Komet), Grace(G-Unit), Chris(Bieber), Trim(PBJ), and Coach Vik as they battle some of the best athletes in the region! We will have full updates in Monday’s blog and lots of pictures to come!

(Haley and Grace)

(Nia “Fabulous”)

(Chris “Bieber”!)


This is how fun Saturday Team WOD warm-ups can be!

*Reminder that the last day to sign up for the October Nutrition Challenge is Monday Sep.30! Sign up at the whiteboard and Coach Vik will make sure you are registered and ready to go!

**Trip to Victoria for the Taranis Titan Challenge Nov.1-3 : Planning is underway so please indicate on the whiteboard if you are planning on coming with us this year…the more the merrier and the louder our Overdrive cheering section will be!! Once we have a good idea of how many people are going, then we will cost out the hotel accommodations and ferry rides. Deadline is Friday October 11.