Monday – 091613

(Brian and his bride Rachel at the alter!)

Congratulations to Brian “McLovin” and his lovely new wife Rachel as they got married this past weekend! You should check out some of their amazing wedding photos with a certain box in the backdrop! 😉

A few things to keep in mind:
1. Rest Days are Monday and Friday this week, so no 7 am classes those days. Open gym will be from 9 am to 12 noon, and 4 pm to 8 pm.
2. The Taranis Winter Challenge qualifying continues for both of our Overdrive teams so let’s cheer them on as we try and represent over on the island for the 4th straight year! Team A has completed most of their WODs and Team B will be doing theirs Wed-Fri at 7 pm.
3. Coach Vik will be competing in the PentathaWOD in Coquitlam this weekend as an individual athlete. We will post his competition times later in week so we can go and cheer him on!
4. The Overdrive Competitors Program starts Monday Sep. 16(yes, today)!! A list of all athletes registered will be posted at box, please be sure to confirm your email addresses as all assignments will be sent there.
5. We received a few great logos/designs for our Fall collection of Overdrive shirts…these will be released soon!
6. The October Paleo Challenge is coming up soon. Details will be released next week. Start getting excited about a change in your lifestyle!

Rest Day Options:
1. Make up missed WOD from Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
2. Work on your weaknesses/skills
3. Mobilize and heal your injuries if you have any
4. Rest and recover

Sunday WOD
SWOD : 7 sets of
Power Snatch + Snatch
*Start at 55%, increase 5-10 lbs per set
CWOD : 10 min AMRAP of
25 DU
10 Power Snatch(75/55)
5 Burpees