Wednesday Rest Day – 090413

(Okay, so apparently Rocky Point has found our trophy…in Texas??!)

Rest Day Options :
1. Make up missed WOD from Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday
2. Work on your weaknesses/practice skills
3. Mobilize and improve your ROM
4. Rest and recover!
*Reminder to all students that Overdrive rest days are run in an open gym format where there is NO set class time. Come to the box on your own time and workout with a friend. Open gym times are 9 am to 12 noon, 4 pm to 8 pm.

Taranis Winter Challenge 2013
We will be running our in-box qualifier for all athletes wishing to compete on one of our Overdrive teams. The qualifier will be the WODs that Taranis has posted already, but in an individual format. Wednesday will be WODs 1 and 2, Friday will be WODs 3 and 4. Come to the box as you normally would, and then we will make sure to have your WOD judged.