Friday – 083013

(Social coordinator Bons in competition mode!)

TGIF! Another good week and here we are approaching the end of summer. But what a summer it was! Two straight months of pure sunshine wasn’t too shabby, no? But fear not, as there are a few exciting things to keep in mind as we set sails towards the fall season:
-Comp program starting in mid-Sep
-local competitions that Overdrive is looking to or will be competing in : PentathaWOD(Sep.21), Squamish Fall Challenge(Sep.29), Taranis Winter Challenge(Nov.1-3)
-perhaps a long overdue Paleo Challenge??
-paintball, which can be done more than a few times as Coach M has group discounted tickets on hand
-water fight?? Guess we should take advantage of this last few weeks of summer weather before it gets to ‘nipply’!
-Overdrive Halloween party!!

Pull-Up Challenge : Day 30
Yes, this is the final day! There are a few still ‘hanging’ around…prizes to come!

Skills/GWOD : 10 min practice on
Butterfly Pull-Ups/progressions

WOD : 5 rounds for time of
400 m run/500 m row/1000 m bike(choose 1 each round, but MUST at least perform two options)
2 TGU/arm(24/16)
5 KB Snatch/arm(24/16)
10 Burpee Box Jumps(24/20)