Tuesday – 082713

(Our Overdrive RX Team B of Jordan, Bake-Dogg, G-Unit, and Cheeky were the fastest at the 4-man Push-Ups!)

*Attention : All interested athletes wanting to compete in the CF Squamish Fall Challenge(Sep.29) or CF Taranis Winter Challenge(Nov.1-3), we are having a meeting this Saturday at 11:15 am right after Team WOD. Those who cannot make this meeting, contact Coach M by email for the details.

Pull-Up Challenge : Day 27

Today is Rest Day…which means OPEN GYM Format! No set class times but gym hours are from 11-12 pm, then 4-8 pm. A coach will be available to help with anything you need. Come and go as you wish, workout with a friend.

1. Make up a missed WOD from Saturday, Sunday, or Monday(make sure to go a bit lighter in case Wednesday’s WOD turns out to be a HERO WOD, just saying!)
2. Practice skills and weaknesses(A few minutes a day can make all the difference in improving your goats!!)
3. Mobilize and improve your ROM
4. Rest and recover(oh, and help locate our missing trophy!)