Monday – 082613

(An awesome photo capturing Overdrive Int Team A cheering on their teammate OC to the finish!)

A big congratulations again to Team Overdrive for THREE-PEATING as champions of the RPCFO Community Challenage this past Saturday!! All the teams did amazing and I saw nothing short of great teamwork, camaraderie, cheering everyone on even the opponents, experiencing both the highs and lows of the emotional stages of going through the WODs! I can’t thank our whole Overdrive community enough for all the help that the volunteers gave in judging, WOD changeovers, admin, sound system, babysitting, and clean up. This epic day really could not have been a success without you. So until next year, let’s enjoy this high time and continue being excellent in all walks of life starting with our fitness!!
**Side note : The Trophy has gone missing! Yes, somebody either took off with it or accidentally hid it somewhere. So, if you know the whereabouts of this trophy, please bring it back to the box!

Pull-Up Challenge : Day 26

Skills/GWOD : Skipping Practice(10 min)
Try to perform this unbroken…
1 single, 1 double(no break here, go right back into the single skip)
1 single, 2 doubles
1 single, 3 doubles
1 single, 4 doubles…so on, so forth. Get up to 10 DUs, then work way back down.

SWOD : 15 minutes to find…
Weighted Pull-up, 5 rep max
Rest 5 minutes
Weighted Pull-up, 3 rep max
Rest 5 minutes
Weighted Pull-up, 1 rep max

WOD : For time
200 m Med Ball run, rest 1 min
400 m run, rest 1 min
400 m Med Ball run, rest 1 min
200 m run
*Score is total time minus 3 minutes