Saturday – 082413

(Coach Gracey encouraging and pushing our athletes to victory last year! )

Finally, the day that we’ve all been waiting for…the 3rd annual RPCFO Community ‘Challenage’!! We apologize for any inconvenience as the box will be closed all day for the competition. We also want to thank all the volunteers that will be coming out to help out and make this event a big success!

The timetable for events is :

9:00 am – Welcome and introduction of all athletes
9:30 am – Novice division WOD #1
9:50 am – Intermediate division WOD #1
10:30 am – Advanced division WOD #1
11:10 am – Coaches WOD
12:00 pm – Novice div WOD #2
12:30 pm – Int div WOD #2
1:00 pm – Advanced div WOD #2
1:45 pm – Trophy presentation/Wrap-up and BBQ(Athletes and volunteers to be fed first!)

*We ask that volunteers arrive at 8 am for the debrief and instructions for the day. Athletes please arrive no later than 8:30 am to register and fill out waivers.

For everyone else, come on down and cheer on your Overdrive team and coaches as they battle Rocky Point and try to win the trophy for the third consecutive year!! Bring your friends and family too!