Friday – 082313

(Athletes listening in on Coach M debrief the WODs for the RPCFO Challenage)

3rd Annual RPCFO Invitational ‘Challenage’ *UPDATES*
Okay everyone, 1 more sleep until we battle Rocky Point for the Challenage trophy! They will be coming hard and have some impressive athletes so we’ll have to fight hard to come away as 3-peat champions!

WODs :
1. Burpee confusion for INT/ADV WOD #1
We have decided that there will be a minimum of 75 burpees to be completed in order to earn any time off the clock. So, teams must complete 75 burpees, then each burpee in excess of 75 will contribute 2 seconds off their WOD time. For example, if a team finished the WOD in 22:00, and also has completed 80 burpees, then their time would be 21:50. If on the other hand, a team caps out at 25:00, but has 40 reps left and 1500 m to row(each rep not completed = 1 sec, each 25 m of rowing not completed = 1 sec), then their time is 26:40 because of penalties. BUT, if they have also completed 80 burpees, then their time is 26:30. Hope that makes sense!

2. INT WOD #2
The “girls” can be done by ANY athlete in ANY order. For Fran, once you commit to a set of movements, you MUST finish those reps(ex. if you choose the 21 thrusters, you must do ALL 21). For Karen, once you commit to a set of 25 wall balls, you must do ALL 25. If you choose to do more than 25, you will have committed yourself to do 50! Same for Isabel, once you commit to doing the set, you are on the hook for doing sets of 5 only! So, if you are a beast and want to do say 8, you have to complete up to 10!

Volunteers please meet at the box for 7 pm on Friday night to set up all the stations.

Volunteers and Judges please arrive at the box for 8:00 am for debriefing and instructions for the day. Athletes arrive by 8:30 am to register.

Q-Energy, Muscle Milk, HERO, 2 portable washrooms, athletes’ area, BBQ pit.

Arrive early! You can park on both sides of the alley, down the alley on the unpaved/dirted areas as well. Carpooling is encouraged!


1. Make up missed WOD from Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday
2. Work on skills, weaknesses
3. Work on mobility and flexibility
4. Rest and recover!
*Open gym format hours are 9-12 noon, then 4-7 pm. Box will be closed early at 7 pm for the competition set-up.