Tuesday – 081313

Great job on Friday’s in-box qualifier! It was an atmosphere reminiscent of the OPEN again! I think this definitely calls for a future in-house Overdrive competition seeing how much you all enjoyed being a part of it. 🙂

Final rosters for the RPCFO Invitational Challenage:
Novice A – R-Unit, Robert V, Jenny, Eunice
Novice B – Ravin, Kavin, Sandra, Joyce
Novice reserves – Chia, Asia

Intermediate A – Owen, Weekend, Komet, Bons
Intermediate B – Jack, Thomas, Sylvia, Martina
Intermediate reserve – Wigglez

Advanced A – Fabulous, D-Rok, Insaney, Wowsie
Advanced B – Bake-Dogg, Jordan, G-Unit, Cheeky
Advanced reserve – Bieber

*Congrats to all who made the roster! This was a tough battle and so many of you are worthy to be on the squad! Please confirm your roster spot on the team by Friday along with your $10 registration to be handed into the coaches office.

Pull-Up Challenge : Day 13

We will shift our focus back to Oly lifting for a day and practice our clean and jerks…and a little benchmark girl action too!

Check out the power clean technique from one of the world’s best, Pyrros Dimas:

Skills Practice : Power Clean and Jerk
Establish a heavy single in 15 minutes

WOD : “Grace”
30 Clean and Jerk for time(135/95)

*Coaches to run heats and have rep counters/judges

Skills Practice : KB Clean
WOD : “Helen”
3 rounds for time of:
400 m run
21 KB Swings(24/16)
12 Pull-Ups