Sunday – 081113

(Yes, how nice would it be to be in Bali, living the life and wodding everyday!?)

Coach V-Fung is currently in Bali helping out and promoting the Ninja Camp! Ninja Camp Bali is a Health and Fitness retreat located in the Rice Fields of Canggu near Echo Beach. Athletes enjoy the following:

Spacious villa marrying Balinese style with Western comforts and modernity
International Crossfit Trainers such as Vanessa Fung (yes, that is her in the picture)
Private chef preparing paleo-style, organic food (when available)
Breakfast, lunch, and evening meals
Beach and Wilderness WODs
Crossfit WODs
Kickboxing WODs
Surfing Instruction (board rental extra)
Sports – – – because you must test drive your body!
Optional wilderness activities like canyoning, free diving, war games, and cliff jumping
Optional massages
Small Camp Size to ensure a personalized experience
Monthly Beach Games competition

For more information and reservations, go to

Those who are competing for spots in the RPCFO Invitational, today is the final day to complete your qualifier WOD. Once all results are in, we will announce the final rosters!

Pull-Up Challenge : Day 11

Rest Day Options:
1. Make up missed WOD
2. Work on weaknesses/goats
3. Work on mobility, ROM
4. Rest and recover!