Wednesday – 080713

(Yes, this was the 5 pm class on Tuesday evening! A whopping 18 students!)

*Today is NOT rest day, so yes, there is a 7 am class!

Pull-Up Challenge : Day 7(7 UB Strict Pull-Ups)
If you cannot do 7 UB, then do as many as you can UB, then complete the remainder.

Skills/GWOD : 10 minutes practice
Teddy bear-to-HSPU
*For progressions, start on wall and master your kipping HSPU first. For those who do not have a HSPU, get on the wall and practice depth presses.

SWOD : 20 minutes
1. Find your 1RM weighted Ring Dip
2. Find your 1RM weighted Pull-Up

CWOD : For time
800 m run
30 Wall Balls(20/14)
30 Box Jumps(24/20)
30 Burpees
400 m run
20 Wall Balls
20 Box Jumps
20 Burpees
200 m run
10 Wall Balls
10 Box Jumps
10 Burpees