Tuesday – 080613

A few announcements for this week:
-Because of long weekend, we will be running classes all week. So this means Wednesday will have regular classes, it is NOT a rest day. The only rest day this week will be Sunday.
-The qualifier for the RPCFO Challenage will be this Friday’s WOD. If you cannot make it on Friday, you have a chance to do it on Sunday. All contestants will be judged and scored officially. Once all scores are in, coach M will announce the rosters for the ‘challenage’.

Pull-Up Challenge : Day 6(6 UB Strict Pull-Ups)

Skills/GWOD : 5 rounds NOT for time of
10 Side Leg Swings, right
10 Side Leg Swings, left
5 Clapping Push-ups
5 C2B Pull-Ups-to-TTB complex

SWOD : 5 sets of
Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch
*Start at 65%, then increase loads each round only if tech is perfect

CWOD : RKC KB Snatch Test
100 KB Snatches for time(5 minute challenge)
-You may swing and change hands as much as needed
-You may set the kettlebell down and rest as needed

Test standards:
Men’s Open Class:
Up to 150 pounds 20kg 100/5 min
151-165 pounds 22kg 100/5 min
Over 166 pounds 24kg 100/5 min

Women’s Open Class:

Up to 115 pounds 12kg 100/5 min
116-135 pounds 14kg 100/5 min
Over 136 pounds 16kg 100/5 min

Take a look at the video below of an athlete doing the Snatch Test in under 5 min…