Wednesday – 073113

(Coach Gracey getting back into the ‘swing’ of things…her first mini WOD post pregnancy!)

Announcements :
-We will be starting a competitors program for all those who are interested in potentially making a splash for next years Crossfit Games Open. The program will start in September. Details will be released soon…
-The RPCFO Challenage is August 24 right here in our home box. Team sign-ups are almost full. We are still needing a few more girls in the RX and Int categories! The mini WOD-offs will be announced soon in terms of date and time for those who are in categories that have more people signed up than spots available…should be fun!
-Basecamp session today will be the last one before everyone is blended into regular Crossfit class times! Very excited to have both our groups join into one!

Skills Practice : Rope Climbs
Perform 3 ascents of various techniques(legless, full wrap, partial wrap)
SWOD : 5-5-5 of
1. OHS
2. Snatch Push Press
*Sets are to be done at 75,85,95% 5RM
CWOD : Tabata for max reps of
1. Push Ups
2. DU
*Rest 2 min between exercises