2013 Overdrive BBQ and Hoover Ball – July 27

(Morning post-WOD crew)

(Afternoon crew looking a bit more baked and ‘filled out’)

Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated with us at Spanish Banks on Saturday! It was a great turnout with well over 40 people who enjoyed the sun, Hoover Ball, volleyball, football, frisbee, and most of all the buffet of BBQ items and snacks that you all brought! In fact, there was so much meat that we ended up with a take-home cooler full of tandoori chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs! A special thanks to the early bird crew of Bons, Cheeky, Michelle, Vanessa, Double Dip, Vik, and Ed. They went out and secured a spot along with helping with setting up our area. Thanks to Wowsie for lending us her truck to transport all the equipment down. Thanks to Paulywood for lending out a couple of tents and a table(yes, we represented the city of Richmond!!). Thanks to Asia for supplying a third tent along with chairs. Thanks to Fabulous who supplied us with the generator/radio…music is always good! Thanks to Robert(Bieber’s cuz, we will soon nickname him his own identity!) for the sports bag of goodies that included the volleyball net and volleyballs. Thanks to Vik for contributing his BBQ and a big thanks to Grill Master Rampage for keeping everyone well fed and the meat cooking all day! Thanks to Vanessa, aka Insta-V, Insaney Janey, and Cheeky for taking all the great pictures and videos!

I could go on and on(yes, sounds like an Oscar thank you speech) but really, you guys are all amazing and I couldn’t be more happy and proud to have you all as students and most importantly, great friends!

I want to lastly make sure that our social coordinator Bons gets a big round of applause as she is the glue that keeps Overdrive events organized and ties up any loose ends when Coach M is too busy…coaching and Daddying. 🙂

See you all at the next social!!