Friday – 072613

(OC hanging out with the one and only Jason Khalipa down at the CF Games!)

**No 7 am class on Rest Days

BBQ/Hoover Ball Update :
Social director Bons will be leading an early bird crew to the beach leaving the box on Saturday morning around 8 am. Whomever wants to join her and help set up is more than welcome! So far, there is Cheeky and Michelle. Thanks ladies!
-We’ve lost the services of Barlow’s truck(It’s okay…he’s taking care of some big business that day that will impact his living whereabouts! Congrats on new home ownership Graham!) so Wowsie has generously offered her truck. A back-up to that will be Elan and Ania’s truck. Thanks so much guys for stepping up.
-Overdrive will be contributing burgers, hot dogs, napkins, and utensils. There will be two tables and two tents so food will be covered up. Please bring an ice cooler if you have one for refreshments.

*Reminder : Be at the beach no later than 10:15 am if you want to participate in the team beach WOD!
**Location for where we’ll be will be updated once Bons arrives…via Facebook!

Rest Day Options(Open Gym format):
1. Make up missed WOD
2. SWOD : 5-5-5 of
Back Squat
Bench Press
*Sets to be all done at 85% 5RM
3. Work on goats/weaknesses
(Ex. MUs, Pull-Ups, Pistols, HSPU, Oly lifting TECH, etc.)
4. Mobilize, Rest, and Recover…get ready for Saturday!!

Basecamp : A variation of the Thursday WOD 🙂