Wednesday – 072413

(The Games athletes reacting to the announcement of the half marathon row!)
Countdown to Hoover Ball/BBQ : 3 days! (Updates will be made on the FB event page so stay tuned…)

The WOD programmed for is a half marathon row for time. Safe to say we won’t be doing the WOD as programmed as it would take more than an hour and we don’t have enough rowers! But, we will definitely still row…

SWOD : 5-5-5 of
1. Back Squat
2. Shoulder Press
*Sets are all to be performed at 80% of 5 RM. (5 RM = ~85% of 1RM)
CWOD : In teams of 2-3, max distance rowed in 30 minutes.
*Coaches to determine teams/format depending on how many students in class

Skills Practice : 3 sets of 5
1. Goblet Squats(heavy)
2. Double KB Press(heavy)
WOD : Same as regulars(coach will assign students onto a rowing team!)