Thursday – 071113

(The battle of the boxes, the RPCFO Invitational, will feature a coaches division showdown! )

The 3rd Annual RPCFO Invitational

When : Saturday August 24
Where : CF Overdrive
Cost : $10/athlete
What : This year we will have 3 boxes participate in the invitational:

Crossfit Overdrive
Crossfit Renegade(Surrey)
Rocky Point Crossfit(Coquitlam)

There will be 2 divisions, an RX/Advanced division, and an Intermediate/Novice division. Each team will consist of 2 guys and 2 girls. Each team will be completing two WODs. Coaches will ultimately decide the final team rosters and make sure that students are competing in their appropriate divisions. Sign-up is on the whiteboard at the box. Each box will represent 2 RX teams and 3 Int/Nov teams. In the case of too many students wanting to participate, we will hold a mini-competition to see who gets the spots on the teams.
Prizes : 1st place teams in each division will receive a prize TBA; Winning box gets bragging rights and the RPCFO Invitational Trophy to be displayed in their box for the year!
Other : There will be a social/BBQ(by donation) to follow the competition.
Why : To join together some amazing Crossfit communities, workout in a friendly competitive atmosphere, make great friends, and have a kick-ass time!!

Get to the box a bit earlier to warm-up, mobilize, and do any sort of prep work(taping, footwear change, etc.) This WOD will take up the entire hour session so be efficient and ready to WOD!

WOD : “CF Total”
Find 1 RM for the following:
1. Back Squat
2. Shoulder Press
3. Deadlift
*Max 3 attempts at each 1RM. Movements must be completed in order. Coach on duty must approve your lift. Your total score is all three lifts combined together. Refer to the CF Total chart at the back of box to see where you rank.