Tuesday – 070913

(Big Monday night at the box with over 60+ students rolling through! Loving the energy, hard work, and ‘social’ post-WOD stretching!)

Today is another benchmark girl WOD, “Diane”! We will run this like we did with “Elizabeth” on Sunday, with heats and judges. This way, everyone can get the feel for completing the WOD at top movement standards and a competitive atmosphere!

Skills Practice : Kipping HSPU
Oly Skills : High Hang Snatch
5 x 3 @ 60%
*Work on perfect execution, speed under the bar
CWOD : “Diane”
21-15-9 rep rounds of :
*Coaches to run heats and incorporate rep counters/judges for each student. Time cap is 15 min so SCALE/MODIFY accordingly so this WOD can be completed. Modifications for HSPU are:
B. Double KB Press(coaches to determine weight load)