Monday – 070813

(Girls having fun with Bake-Dogg’s race car on Saturday!)

(Sunday after “Elizabeth”)

Busy weekend at the box with both Saturday and Sunday drawing big attendance! Saturday we had team WOD in bike relay fashion once again, and Sunday was an Open-Style “Elizabeth” as we ran heats with judging!

Strength training continues this week!

SWOD : 3 x 5 of
1. Front Squats
2. Snatch Push Press
*Sets are 70,80,90% of 5RM(5RM is ~ 80-85% 1RM)
**Students : Record ALL your numbers as we will be tracking them throughout this month!
Core : GHD Sit-Ups 3 x 15, rest 1 min.
CWOD : Tabata Row for Calories

Basecamp : 4 rounds for time of
100 Single Skips
30 Med Ball Cleans(20/14)
200 m Med Ball run(20/14)