Thursday – 062713

(Evening basecamp going through Turkish Get-Ups as part of their core strength development!)

**This Saturday, our very own Nghia “Fabulous” and Ryan Lee will be competing at the 2013 SeaFest Invitation Weighlifting Open in White Rock at Semiahmoo High School. Let’s go and cheer them on! Details below:
Ryan Lee 9 am weigh-in, 11 am lifting
Nghia Tu 2:30 pm weigh-in, 4:30 pm lifting

Address : 1785 148th Street, Surrey, BC

Skills Practice : Strict Ring Dips(part of w/u)
OWOD : 60% 1RM x 8 sets of
1. Power Snatch
2. Power Clean and Jerk
CWOD : 12 min AMRAP of
10 Burpees
25 Double-unders