Wednesday – 052913

Very well done everyone yesterday on the squat cleans!! (Great form from Kama Sutra above!) A coach couldn’t be more proud of so many students establishing PRs! Nice job Overdrive! Let’s continue with more testing as we move to the back squat today by way of The warm up will be moderate so to help everyone prep up for the heavy singles.

Mobility : Hamstrings/Hip Flexors
Skills Practice : Pistols
SWOD : Back Squat
*Start heavier, and increase loads each set, eventually finding that all elusive 1 RM!
WOD : Max Pull-Ups
1 attempt, as many as you can do in one shot! Yes, we are hitting up all the leaderboard columns! 😉

Basecamp : 20 min AMRAP of
5 Push-Ups
10 Med-Ball facing Burpees
15 Goblet Squats(20/12)

Have a great day! Coach M