Wednesday – 042413

(Carter demonstrating that anyone can practice safe movements with packing the shoulder!)

Shoulder Packing

When it comes to keeping athletes safe, injury free or returning them to the field of play after injury it requires quite a bit of thought and action.  Proper programming and throwing them the right exercises is definitely a key part.  We also need to think about exercise technique and developing proper motor patterns.  Here is where shoulder packing comes into play.

Shoulder packing is a matter of ensuring that the shoulder is kept in the proper position to be at its strongest and safest position during all movements.

  • Packing the shoulder maximizes shoulder stability and safety during exercise
  • Shoulder packing can and should be utilized with all exercises that require stability at the shoulder (Pretty much all exercises)
  • Like all other skills, shoulder packing must be learned and practiced.  In many cases some of you may have to really break some old habits


Skills Practice : KB Clean
SWOD : Overhead Squat
*Start at ~70%, then increase by 5% each set and work up to a 1 RM. If feeling good, go for new PR. If not, scale back and work on form/mechanics.
Cooldown : 1 km row @ 65%, stretch out shoulders and posterior chain

Basecamp : 4 rounds for time of
400 m run
20 KB High Pull(24/16)
20 KB Push Press(24/16 – 10 per arm)
20 Sit-Ups