Monday – 041513

We want to welcome everyone back from a weekend off and also a return to programming! This past weekend, all of the Overdrive coaches attended a two-day Crossfit Kettlebell Certification course in which we all learned how to teach you kettlebell movements. This was not an easy weekend as there were brand new movements that we had never seen before(ex. floor press, arm bars, hand release swings, double kb cleans, power swings) and old ones that were re-tooled(ex. snatches, presses, push presses, russian swings, american swings). The weekend was all about practicing volume at a lower weight…so reps, reps, and more reps! You’ll be sure to see all the bruises on the back of our wrists this week! At the end of the course, we all had to pass an evaluation to demonstrate our understanding of the movements and show technical proficiency on both right side and left side. All in all, an amazing weekend taught by a very good teacher in Zach Filer, an RKC certified instructor and also owner of Morgan Junction Crossfit just outside of Seattle.
So, Overdrivers, get ready to fall in love with the kettlebell! 🙂

Mobility : Arm Bars
Skills Practice : Strict Pull-Up and tight breathing
SWOD : 5-5-5 of
Back Squat @ 75-80%(keep same load for all 3 sets, increase load by 5 lbs from last week)
Push Press @ 75-80%
CWOD : Three rounds, 15-12-and 9 reps, for time of
135/95 pound barbell Thrusters
45/25 pound weighted Pull-ups
*For pull-ups, use Rogue belts, KBs hooked onto single foot, or smaller dumbbells hooked between legs above ankles.

Basecamp : “Dirty 30”