Overdrive and the CF Open 2013


And with the last scream and grunt this past Sunday, the Crossfit Open 2013 was concluded at Crossfit Overdrive.  I’ve been watching everyone for the past five weeks behind a camera and I have never been more proud of a more cohesive, strong and consistent box as our own.
“What’s the point of joining the Open?  I’m no Rich Froning or Annie Thorisdottir.  I could care less about the Games!”


You know what?  Our participation collectively as a box has helped highlight our dedication to strict standards and positive mental game.  For every, “NO REP!” any of us were called out on helped us dig a little deeper inside; unleashing a stronger physical and more intense, mental game.


You can taste the change in atmosphere at the box every Thursday and Sunday.  The energy was electrifying as we had a whole different aura about us.  Performing under the watchful eye of a judge and with the cheers of our fellow box members brought out our inner beasts.  We saw PRs, we saw tears, we saw sheer will and determination.  At the end of the day, our participation together as a family has brought us just a little more closer.


We are all each other’s heroes and inspirations.  It doesn’t matter if you can only lift a naked barbell or throw around crazy weights; we all bring something unique to the Crossfit family and the Open was just a chance to officially celebrate that.


“Crossfit. Forging Elite Fitness.”


And at Overdrive, we do just that.  We forge the sport of fitness.


On that note, I just wanted to congratulate everyone who took part in this year’s Crossfit Open!  I hope this experience inspires us to carry on and participate in next year’s Open.  It really isn’t as intimidating as it looks as we’ve got each other’s backs like any other WOD.  Hope to see you all at the Canada West Regionals as we cheer on other like-minded crossfitters!