50-Day New Years Challenge Winners!

Sorry for the late post, but better late than never! 🙂


Hello I’m Dave or aka Gremlin, and your telling me that I can get into great shape, feel better, eat right and you’re going to pay me after, sign me up. Well that’s not exactly how Graham and I envisioned things, but that’s how it ended up. I believe I can speak for both Graham and I that going into this challenge we were not actually expecting to win, but both of us being competitive why not give it a shot. The most challenging part for myself was the diet trying to cut out bread (big sandwich lover) I think I ate enough spinach salads over the last 2 months, Popeye would be proud. Although a strict Paleo diet isn’t a sustainable lifestyle for me I definitely see the benefits and look at food differently now. I’m glad this was a team challenge, once you have someone else relying on you, it changes your perspective and I never want to let anyone down that’s counting on me. AHHHHHH Burpees, not bad if you’re at the gym and you can do them with the other members. 11pm at night when your on the couch, and you have to do 30 of them, those are the tough ones. It wouldn’t be called a challenge if it was easy, so get off your butt and get them done. I am thankful for the burpee challenge because that’s what it did, it got me off the couch and moving. I started the challenge weighing in at 174lbs and roughly 13% body fat and ended at 168 and roughly 10% body fat. It feels great to be able to see and feel results. This was my first challenge and defiantly not my last, I had a blast going through this challenge with all the participants, everyone worked so hard, and I am thankful for this experience, and to be a member to a great community.


Since I sarted my crossfit journey in september 2012 the most most common phrase I hear around the crossfit community is how its a life changer and I couldn’t agree more. Crossfit has changed my life for the better and put me in the best shape I have been in years and I am never looking back. The 50 day challenge is exactly what crossfit is all about, diet, fitness and being part of a team. Gremlin and I grew up together playing on many sports teams together so it only made sense we were in the challenge together. Both of us are extremely competitive when we play against each other so why not be on the same team together and try and get as fit as we can. This was the first sort of fitness challenge I have been apart of and it was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. Being a natural skinny guy I have never had to watch my diet in the past and I can say I ate whatever I wanted, pizza and MacDonalds were quite common in my diet as well as plenty of kokanee to go around. I learned so much this last 50 days about how a clean healthy diet can have such a positive effect on the body, not only was I starting to shed a few pounds but my mood was better and my sleep was much more sound as well. I tried to stick to a paleo diet for most of the month and I did a pretty good job but I will admit a bunch of cheat days were thrown in when I just needed my carb fix. I did cut out dairy completely and as much grains as I could and almost eliminated my alcohol intake since Jan 1 so that help as well. I started the challenge at 184 pounds and at 13.6% body fat and ended up at 178 pounds and 10.7% body fat. I am thrilled with the results but more happy with the strength and speed I have gained for the WODS and the results are definitely showing on the white board for my times. As with dave this was my first challenge and I am excited for the next one to start. I loved the atmosphere in the box with everyone talking about how their diet was going or how they hated doing their burpees late night or after a day of drinking (hungover burpees almost killed me one day). It was cool to see groups of us doing their burpees together and sharing a big high five when they finished them. I am happy to be crossfiter and even more proud to be part of the overdrive family.