Monday – 032513

Great work on 13.3 everyone! 150 wall balls is never an easy task, not to mention double unders and MUs afterwards! Each week in the Open, I can’t be more proud to see you all trying to push yourselves a little harder and compete outside of your comfort zones. It is during these times that you will find out about how strong you never thought you were! Keep forging elite fitness! (ALSO, DON’T FORGET TO SUBMIT YOUR OPEN SCORES BY SUNDAY AT 5 PM! WE HAVE ALREADY LOST A FEW TEAMMATES!)

As this weekend is Easter Long Weekend, the box hours are as follows:
Good Friday – Closed
Saturday – 10 am Team WOD
Sunday – 11 am Open WOD 13.4 redos
Easter Monday – 9 am Basecamp, 10 am Crossfit ONLY

Skills Practice : Handstand Holds
Oly : Snatch
2-2-1-1-1-1-1(60%,65%…increase load each lift until close to 95%, go for PR if feeling good)
*Rest 2 min between efforts
SWOD : 3-3-3 of
Push Press
Weighted Pull-Ups
*Start sets at ~80% 3RM(redo failed sets if any), rest 2-3 min between efforts
Cooldown/Recovery : 800 m jog, stretch and mobilize

Basecamp : “Karen”
150 Wall Balls for time(20/14)