Thursday – 022813

(Great turnout for the 5 km run in light drizzle! Good times!)


Couple of reminders:
1. Annual Members meeting Friday night at 7 pm. Looks like it will be a good turnout, lots of fun and good food to be had!
2. Today is the end of the 50-day New Years Challenge! So all 50 burpees(that’s if you’ve been keeping up) are to be done at the box. Basecamp can come to any class time to get them done. The post challenge weigh-ins will be on Friday.

1. Make up any missed WOD from the week
2. Work on your skills, weaknesses(I did this yesterday and it turned out to be a very good workout!)
3. Rest, recover, and mobilize! (We want you all to be fresh and injury free so you can keep up your regular everyday fitness attendance)