“Cross It Off! Burning calories for the Fire Fighters Burn Fund!” by Jane Ngai


As sponsored as a public event by the Lululemon Factory Outlet, Crossfit Overdrive was invited as a guest to introduce new faces to the world of crossfit, followed by yoga and mingling.  So!  Like the amazing family we are, we packed our volunteers and drove out to a rather interesting venue filled with eclectic props for movie sets in Burnaby (Can Am Importique/ Lake City Studios). 

In a little room packed with 150 eager excited new faces, Coach Marco and Coach Viktor took to the stage with microphone and headset to lead our army of yogis into a dynamic sweat breaking warm up of push ups, sit ups and lunges. 

This leads us to the WOD.  TABATA.

Most of our participants have never heard of this word or worked out in such a fashion of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for 8 rounds.  Sounds easy enough right?  The first tabata workout was comprised of air squats.  With our coaches using our volunteers as demonstrators, we showed how the perfect air squat was executed.  With the first set completed, we get a lot of smiles and shaking out of the legs… “Wow, this looks harder than it sounds!”

Next, we lead our yogi army into a tabata workout of clam shell sit ups.  Rest.  Recuperate.  Take a sip of water.  By this point, Coach Marco and Viktor were used to being up on stage guiding everyone through these movements.  Our friendly group of Overdrive volunteers were perusing around the aisles helping our fellow sweaty faces through proper technique, movements and form. 

Our third tabata wod movement were the dreaded, “B” word… BURPEES!  Our participants were starting to get the hang of how these intervals feel like but my goodness, burpees were almost a whole other level of burning!  Our seasoned Overdrive veteran volunteers know the feeling.  With some grunt, clapping and encouragement, our yogi army finished up the last few rounds.  The best part was really seeing friendly competition between friends who pushed each other.  “What did you get?” “47, you?” “51.  Good job, bro!”  High fives and sweaty back pats all around.

As a person just behind the camera, it was so heart warming to see these happy smiling sweaty faces.  “Wow, crossfit isn’t so bad!  This is a great work out!”

Lastly, just for the kick of it, any participants still wanting to push themselves could complete another round of tabata split lunges!  Calf and hamstring killer!  You can totally tell the look of pain and determination during these 20 second intervals.  Our volunteers were cheering our participants on few the last two sets.  Scrunched up faces.  Wobbly feet.  “Keep moving! Keep moving!  12 seconds left!… Aaaaand, TIME!” 

In tabata, seconds seem too slow when you move and too fast when you rest.  As an overdrive member, it’s amazing to see such a great strong community within our crossfit family in and outside our box.  The enthusiasm is infectious.  So is the desire for more. 

Check out our facebook page for more pictures from this event!   As a box, we can’t wait to share new faces to the world of crossfit in future events!  A special thanks to the Lululemon Factory Outlet, Yyoga and Can Am Importique/ Lake City Studios for hosting this event.   And as always, these Overdrive public events can never be possible without the support of our Overdrive family and volunteers who came out tonight: Martina, Jeff, Tyler, Sharon, Tiffany, Nia, Dimitri, Kuch, Harlan, Ryan Lee, Denise, Bieber, Gracey, Coach Marco and Viktor.